Telenor SIM Lagao Offer 2022

Once again, Telenor is trying to convince his ex-customer to rejoin their network. For this purpose, Telenor SIM Lagao Offer 2022 is in the air, through which, one will get free minutes, SMS and internet bundles too. If one is going into detail of this offer, then if you have not used your Talkshawk SIM since 18th Dec of last year then you are lucky and can get all the benefit of this campaign. This offer is valid for both  Talkshawk and djuice users. Surely, through this, every type of user can get benefit from this very special kind of offer.

Surely, now you are not far away from this offer. Any more just put Telenor Talkshawk SIM back to your mobile and get benefit from it. So what are you waiting for…

Telenor SIM Lagao Offer 2022 Latest:

  • From the latest Telenor SIM Lagao Offer 2022, you can get 3000 free Minutes from Telenor number to Telenor number.

Along with this, much more will provide to those who are not using it from while. Moreover, now can also enjoy a handsome internet bundle of 10000 MB whose validity is from 12am to 7pm in evening. Overall, it will cover everything in it.

Telenor Sim Lagao Offer Code 2022:

  • It’s really simple, for its activation just call IVR 2222 or simply type SMS “FREE” and send it to 2222. So, nothing is difficult in it.

This time SIM Lagao Offer is valid for both Talkshawk and Djuice Customers. Only matter able thing is that you belongs to Telenor family.

  • If the person who qualifies for the campaign lost its Sim then He / She can get new Sim absolutely free from any of the Telenor Sales and Services center or Franchise.

Telenor Talkshawk SIM Lagao Offer 2022:

One can get 50 Min as well as SMS and internet MB on a daily bases. Their is not such limitation but it will end at any time.

  • Validity Duration: 60 Days

offer detail

Terms & Conditions:

  • A minor amount of 12.5 paisa charges has detected on every call.
  •  The company has all rights to change this offer at any time.
  • This Offer is being launched for all Prepaid packages

Telenor djuice SIM Lagao Offer 2022:

This offer is the same for all users of Telenor. Simply, just follow the above process and start taking benefit from it. This is a oldest offer that repeated too many times.

So what else better one will expect from a network. For sure, Telenor SIM Lagao Offer 2022 is enough as penalty or gift for the users who left it for any reason. As mention, earlier that company has not mentioned the time frame of this offer, so utilize it as earlier as one can get.

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  1. telenor aga sim hay,lakan mary dost ka 3 nuber telenor say pord out ho kay hay ws nay complane be ka hay lakan koi pochtay be

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