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Driving License Lahore Procedure Fee Form

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    Driving License Lahore Procedure Fee Form these whole things are necessary to get it. Driving license is most important part for drive any vehicle and considers a big crime to drive without license vehicle in Pakistan and also in the world. Driving license is provides the complete security and other information related to driving their vehicle efficiently and safe your journey any incident. There are so many Pakistani especially in Lahore people drives their motor bikes and cars without driving license and suffering from the accidents because they don’t know how to drive vehicle according to rules. There are a lot of people in Lahore that are asked about the driving license and their fee and form procedure and they don’t know how to make their driving license in effective ways and what kinds of things are required for to achieve this goal. There are three types of driving license and people made it according to their necessity and requirements and these types are including

    • Leraning Driving License.
    • Permanent Driving License.
    • International Driving Permit.

    The interested candidates should be download their application form according to their requirements of license from nearest traffic police office or directly download form city traffic police official website. The candidate must having following documents to make their driving license which are including

    • Two recent Passport size photographs.
    • Driving license form.
    • CNIC Copy.
    • Medical checkup report.
    • Learning driving license.
    • Driving license tickes From GPO Lahore pay against Rs. 900 only.


    Fee Details:

    1. No
    Category New
    Renewal for Learner Permanent DL Renewal within 30 days of expiry Renewal after 30 days of expiry
    3 Years 5 Years 3 Years 5 Years 3 Years 5 Years
    1 Motor Cycle 50 100 510 660 310 460 435 660
    2 Car 100 100 960 1260 560 860 810 1260
    3 Car / M. cycle 150 100 1410 1860 810 1260 1185 1860
    4 L.T.V 100 100 960 OD+100 1260 OD+100 560 860 810 1260
    5 H.T.V 100 100 End 460 OD+1310 End 460 OD+1760 810 1260 1185 1860
    6 M.C.R 100 100 960 1260 560 860 810 1260
    7 L.T.V / M. Cycle 150 100 1410 1860 810 1260 1185 1860
    8 HT.V / M. Cycle 150 100 1060 1660 1560 2460
    Rs. 125 fee for computerized driving license applicable to all applications.
    All types of Duplicate License Rs. 360/-
    For Ever P.S.V Badge. Rs. 500/-
    Correction of same day – FREE
    After One Day – Rs. 60/-

    Driving License Lahore Procedure:

    Driving License Lahore Procedure:

    • First of all get application form of driving license and medical fitness form.
    • Must require your medical fitness from and application form with two recent pasport size photographs.
    • Attached their CNIC copy with them.
    • Attached the medical fitness certificated that’s issue by the traffic police after complete medical test.
    • Attached their original learning driving license.
    • Attached the tickets with application form.
    • Buy and study the highway and motor code.
    • Must visit your nearest traffic police branch and information to check their forms.
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