PTCL EVO 3G Wingle Signal Strength, Speed Boosting Methods

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    Methods through which one can enhance the PTCL EVO 3G Wingle Signal Strength & Speed Boosting are given there. These methods are not difficult to use, one just need to follow these simple steps and one can enjoy greater speed. Signal strength is a major problem that is face by many of PTCL users. Due to this problem many of users are sees unsatisfied and get rid of their devices. Because PTCL always take care of their users so now they announce an offer through which they replace device or take back device with replacement of check. But most important thing is, it’s necessary that one try to enhance speed of eve because at some places only evo give coverage but their signal strength are quite weak so its need to speed boosting. One try to follow these simple methods and hopefully they must give help to resolve this problem.

    ptcl speed strength

    PTCL EVO 3G Wingle Signal Strength, Speed Boosting Methods are given as below..

    • Most effective method to boost up the speed is through antaean. Now special types of antennas are available in markets that are useful to enhance the speed. A wire is attached to one end of antenna and other one is attach to device.
    • Its sure that through this speed must improve, but of one is not till satisfy with speed then height of antenna is also play role in its speed. With increasing height speed must improve.

    The areas where signal strength is quite weak one try to use internet in free space. Because some time in free space it’s easy for device to catch signals and speed will boost up.

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