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Hajj Balloting 2018 Date Draw Result

Posted by ali sial
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    The obligation of doing Hajj is among the five pillars of Islam. Basically specified meaning of this work is to plan for a journey. Maybe this is the reason that unlimited Muslims planned every year to perform it, like all other parts of the world a huge strength applying to go and full fill this responsibility. The government called application every year and among this final names are selected through balloting or draw results. After completion of registration this year in 2018, surely 26 January is the date the announcement of the draw and probably in the same or very next day, its result will declare. Currently this is the final day for Hajj Balloting, last time firstly declare date was canceled because of some problems and then official declare it on new day. Hopefully, this time govt will not repeat mistake during the declaration of selected candidates. Further things will clear in upcoming days.

    The journey of Hajj leads the pilgrim to Allah and through this, a person will able to receive much closeness to Allah in this world and hereafter. Without any doubt every Muslim dream to perform this duty but this all depends on financial power as well luck that one is called or not.

    Hajj Balloting 2018 Date Draw Result

    • Date of Hajj Balloting in 2018: 26 January 

    A couple of years ago, the first cancellation of draw date again clears the lack of planning for the important purpose. Although verdicts of Supreme Court are not available online it clearly shows that something must wrong with officials. Although the government promised many things, again it seems they need a lot of improvement. A lack of planning always raised too many problems and same is happening this time again. This canceled balloting effects many things in performing.

    Current Update:

    current info about scheme of this Hajj

    Seemingly in this 2018 year, the administrator has done better systems for Balloting of Hajj through which draw result will finalize. As the date is mention in above part of this article. Meanwhile for al successful candidates its request that they must do DUA for this country. We suffer a lot; we are in interior war condition. Prayer must play a role to get out of this condition. As a nation, we need to unite again some issue that we all face now.

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