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Text PT to 8333 Send SMS Get Traffic Jam Update in KPK Alternate Route

Posted by hasnain sial
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    As new government khyber pakhtunkhwa take number off good step, now it’s time for launching a new service according to which now one Text PT to 8333 Send SMS get traffic Jam update in KPK and check alternate route that is available. This service is really helpful for citizens of Peshawar and other major urban areas where at rush time number of time traffic will jam that cause wastage of time. This service is starts under the platform of KPK police. Supporters of PTI give their opinion that good services for peoples are success of respected government. Roads and bridges are not solution of traffic jam in any city without some good services. On the other side opposition parties said that this kind of service is sign of failure of any government. According to their opinion it’s a responsibility of government that they make a perfect plan and roads that traffic must running in good flow. Now it’s start of this services so upcoming days decides better that how much local peoples get benefits from it.


    As PTI government set in this province they start works on Police because according to their opinion this is most important department of a province that always plays a major role of the progress. They take number of changing in this department after which no doubt they work better than some previous government. Before this SMS service a like service is also work for submission of FIR that is really appreciated by local peoples. Through this they easy submit report online after this now under same platform one text PT to 8333 Send SMS get traffic jam update in KPK and also check some alternate route through which one reach the destination. Hope so this service must show results in upcoming days in form of good traffic flow.

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