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HITEC University Fee Structure 2024

Posted by hasnain sial
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    It’s mandatory to arrange HITEC University fee structure 2024 to secure admission in this educational institute. This is the good sign for professional studies of this country that the number of new institutes are starting serving at some best level. Most of them takes care of modern level excellence that why their professionals create a huge difference in the field. Well, HITEC University Taxila came into existence before a decade and they proved themselves through a couple of pass sessions. They set their own quality that why they take it separately.

    HITEC University Fee Structure 2024 per Semester:

    After the beginning of admission, HITEC University fee structure 2024 will apply on per semester for all selected candidates list. This is for the engineering, business and MBBS too. The first table is of different BS and BBA fee.

    BS Programs Per Semester Fee(Approx.) Admission + Security Charges
    Engineering 133,000 Rupees 50,000 Rupees
    BS Computer Science and also for Software Engg 98,000 Rupees 50,000
    BS Robotics Or for (IOT) 77,000 Rupees 50,000
    BS Math 60,000 Rupees 35,000
    BS Islamic Studies 36,000 Rupees 35,000
    BBA 90,000 Rupees 35,000

    After reviewing its foundation then at the start they were working under the supervision of UET Taxila as a technical college. But within a couple of years, they proved themselves as an independent platform and now successfully carried on MBBS and next is their 8th badge too.

    HITEC University MBBS Fee Structure 2024:

    The reason behind their quick growth is that they in this specific time they show that they were able to full the whole requirements of any type of studies. Its example is the sucess of Hitec medical college MBBS program whose fee is:

    MBBS Year Approx. Fee
    1 1,536,000 Rupees
    2 1,605,000
    3 1,732,000
    4 1,870,000
    5 2,018,000

    Total Amount: 8,759,000 Rupees

    • Note: From the number “051 4908146”, the verification of fee is possible. So, you can also do it too.

    for them too

    They proved themselves as trustful institute related to every kind of degree. Their history shows that this University in Taxila got all things on their own. Again the previous session is free from here and for newcomers. Take an easy breath because the best uni will wait for you.

    So be a focus and appear in it with full preparation. Let see, what ratio of HITEC University fee structure 2024 will set and change now. If one is hardworking and technically strong then sure this place polish his skills. Because at this level conceptual studies will make a difference between you and you’re competitive in the field.

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