How to make Business Plan for PM Youth Loan Scheme

“Pakistan” surrounded by many problems at a time like corruption, down economy, drone attacks, high prices, unemployment, and many more. With compare to all the population of Pakistan is continuously increasing day by day which directly proportional to the down economy and ever increasing demand of everything. Pakistan is the country being blessed by many natural resources but unfortunately we are unable and negligent to use these all resources at this time of need. From the past five years the circumstances have been changed in Pakistan and going to be more critical. The nation was expecting a lot from the new government, some plans have been made by the government to help the youth which is the future of Pakistan, helping them in a way so that they can make some earnings and do something for the economy of Pakistan.

How to make Business Plan for PM Youth Loan Scheme

PM  Scheme

  • A loan scheme is being introduced by the prime minister for youth. The loan scheme is being under the supervision of NBP Pakistan and 50% quota for women is allotted. The loans amount is from Rs. 0.5 to 2 million PKR under Pm Youth Loan scheme. This is one of the six schemes started by PM in September 2013. Those aged below 45 years are the ones who can get this amount to start any business.

Now major think comes that a plan for a business, one need to be very much selective in picking up the business for himself, Take a business plan which is easily handle for you, You are interested in it, Take a visit to market for its scope, or consult with your elders and friends so there will be low ration of loss in this case, make a proper survey of market. Take guidelines from your elders; estimate the initiative money for business so that you can take loan according to you business expenditures, this loan needs to be returned with 8% mark up to government. All sectors, Standardized schemes will be designed by SMEDA, projects designed by private sector service providers or individuals themselves will also be admissible. Loan scheme is beneficial for youth but in a sense if there selected business run away in a good manners.

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