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Kppsc Fee Payment Through Jazzcash App And Easypaisa

Posted by hasnain sial
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    Students in Pakistan can pay their Kppsc fee payment through Jazzcash app and Easypaisa mobile app. The term “kppsc” that’s refers to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission who now gives the opportunity to pay fees with methods like jazzcash app and easypaisa. Both of these are safe and secure payment system that allows you to make easy and convenient fee payments. With this, they also provides you various features that allow you to process fee and transfer money. So it is completely easy payment platform where you can pay this fee from any of the city.

    Kppsc Fee Payment

    Now, the public service commission of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (kppsc) is only allowing individuals to pay their fees online by using the mobile apps, jazzcash and easypaisa. This is in spite of the fact that the KP government has recently issued orders that any student who has paid or will pay in the future using the informal payment method will have to pay fees via the official app.

    • There have been many government jobs that require people to follow Kppsc fee payment method. However, this fee is not a small amount and it is one that needs to be paid by the person who is in search of job.

    To avoid this, we have come up with an app to help us with this. This app is called Jazzcash. After downloading, the app will help you pay the fee you are supposed to pay.

    Kppsc Fee Payment Through Jazzcash App:

    Recently, they regulates the various services and activities in the province. For submission, Kppsc fee payment through Jazzcash App is must to remember. It is also responsible for the administration of the educational and professional examinations.

    How To Pay Kppsc Fee Through Jazz Cash Mobile App:

    Many people love jazz and cash. It is a free money sending system that many people are talking about. Most people have heard of it, but they don’t really know how it works and what they need to do to make more money with it.

    Steps Process
    1 From your mobile keypad, dial this specified pattern *786 #.
    2 Enter 5 for payments.
    3 Type 5 for the KP Public Service Commission.
    4 Pick 1 for PMS, or enter 2 for general posts.
    5 It must to enter his or her own NIC.
    6 Use your PIN or can say enter Jazz Account Account PIN Code
    Final Step Apply for Post While applying for post, enter the Transaction ID received via SMS. Hopefully, after this everything is smooth and clear.

    Basically, this is a government agency in Pakistan formed to maintain the independence of its employees from political interference. Yes, this sounds like a good thing. KPPSC is only one of the government services in Pakistan which are used this fee payment method. All the service tax officers will be using the “Jazzcash” app to make their life easier.

    Kppsc Fee Payment Through Easypaisa Mobile App:

    Like above, the Kppsc fees payments via easypaisa is an easy method to pay fee. They set up this system for many reasons. One of the main reasons is to make it easier for students to be paid on time through a system that is simple and industry standard.

    •  The app contains all essential information which encourages the applicants to pay their fee with confidence and speed.

    This is the best way to Pay Kppsc fee through EasyPaisa Mobile App. By using this app, you can easily pay your Kppsc fee. There are so many people and companies that have used this app for their business purpose. Let’s see what are those good reasons and how does this app fits into your business plan. Also, you can get a lot of information from this app.

    “There are two ways to pay a Kppsc with Easypaisa. The easiest and the best one is using our mobile App. All you have to do is to download the Mobile App and follow instructions…

    Step 1: At first, *786 # is number to dial from your mobile phone’s keypad.

    • Step 2: Enter “4” for payment.
    • Step 3: Enter 4 for “Corporate

    Step 4: Enter Step 3 for fee collection.

    • Step 5: Enter “1” for the KP Public Service Commission.
    • Step 6: For PMS, enter 1; for general posts, enter 2.

    Step 7: Type the specified “NIC”

    • Step 8: Enter your PIN. Enter the Easy Paisa Account PIN Code here.
    • Step 9: Get the Transaction ID after successful payment to the KPPSC Account through Easy Paisa You will get a confirmation message containing the Trx ID.

    Step 10: Look for Work While applying for a post, enter the Transaction ID received via SMS. So, simple and understandable.

    way to pay it

    There are a two reliable choices for your Kppsc fee payment through Jazzcash app and Easypaisa. Yes, one can pay with any of these mobile application. Be sure to review the payment instructions for the payment option that you’re considering. Each payment option has its own instructions and guidelines but they all are well defined and helpful too.

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