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Nikah Nama Form 2024 in Pakistan Urdu, English

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    For the motive to obtain Nikah Nama Form 2024 in Pakistan in either Urdu or English and it’s procedure is straight forward. Or one can also collect it from a represented person too. It is a promise on the time of marriage to give happiness to his wife and wife give promise to give happiness to her husband. Its mean they adopt each other in a single chain. Definitely, NIKAH is much important in ISLAM. And without NIKAH, there is no marrying. So government of Pakistan make a department named as NADRA for this and for all others records. They issue a certificate for it. So, nothing is complex in it.

    Nikah Nama Form 2024 in Pakistan:

    One fundamental document for marriage is the Nikah Nama form 2024 in Pakistan that also used for visa of other country. While, married ladies also use it when they want to change their name, when anyone want to give divorce, this is a key for many of practices.

    Marriage Certificate/Nikah Nama Procedure of NADRA:

    When you want to marry with someone then you give to nikha certificate and after proper filling and after attach some required documents you submit this form in the nearby office. Nadra will keep this from 7 to 14 days and after verification, they will return this form to you.

    • If you want to get nikha certificate urgent then you have to submit extra charges of urgent fees. This will return you certificate urgently.

    Nikah Nama Form in Urdu Pakistan:

    Although rumors are that Nadra now gave a facility to the people of Pakistan that one can now download pdf copy of nikha certificate from the official website and after filling it then they have to submit it in the office for verification. But, we failed to get it from the site.

    • Note: On official Nadra site, the form of Nikah Nama is not accessible

    Sample Nikah Nama in Urdu:

    nikah nama

    Documents Attached with Nikah Certificate:

    Following Documents are attached with nikha certificate:

    • One attested copy of groom and bride national ID card copy.
    • One attested copy of groom and bride’ parent’s national ID card copy.
    • Attested ID card copy of moulvi CNIC.

    Nikah Nama Form in English Pakistan:

    Few years ago this nikha certificate was in Urdu and now according to the new technology and modern era this certificate change into computerized and Nikah Nama Form in English is also in the option.

    • Get this Form there.

    Note: Plz, note that this is just a sample that also has every requirement of it too.

    Without any of the documents, the completion of the procedure is not possible. In short, form is not enough for this purpose. Their are few more requirements that are also obligatory.

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