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Pakistan Railway Helpline Number Lahore Inquiry Contact Phone

Posted by ali sial
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    The recent performance of Pakistan Railway shows that they improve their system. Again peoples prefer it for long travelling distance, this all happen because of best facilities. Along this now they provide proper assistance to all passengers, one confirm all type of inquiry by contact at their helpline phone number. As it’s very clear that thousands of peoples enter and leave from Lahore on daily bases, so they need to know daily schedule. Now a proper cell is working for this Inquiry purpose, which is really effective. The related minister of this government has major contribution behind the betterment of this department, he worked day and night. After a strong check and balance now good days are coming back. Surely till a lot of improvements will require, but for this officials needs some more time.

    Although advance engines are also adding in this system, as well repairing and modifications of old working trains has done. The most valuable things are the changing for the purpose of improving the performance of administration. For this more reforms will make it more effective.

    If one goes back then this is consider as more comfortable journey. In past this will consider as most quick one after aero plane. At that its structure was best one in world, if one review its downfall then two are major factors. Major one is corruption, almost every government made millions of rupees from this one.

    Initially only upper level individuals were involved in it, but later on this was transferred to lower class. Because of this basic structure was destroyed completely. Second factor of its down fall is that according to needs number of trains had not increase.


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    Right now everyone is well aware from the honesty and hard work of related ministry. He aims to come close to international standards. Due to all these factors trust of travelers has come back rapidly. Need of hour is that Pakistan Railway will get it good business back. This also has great significance of our economy growth. Sure now it will go better that make all things good  one.

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