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PIA Saudi Airline Hajj Flight Schedule 2018 Peshawar Lahore Timing

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    In Pakistan, there are various Private and Governments Hajj flights available but from here you can collect the info about PIA Saudi Airline Hajj Flight Schedule 2018 Peshawar Lahore Timing. Both of these are two major companies who are responsible for traveling pilgrim for this purpose. Most people like to prefer these airlines, so if someone is interested to go with them then it’s necessary to follow the operation timing. In 2018, based on current policy, about 179,210 Pakistani people will be eligible to perform Hajj. So all these people need to know about the best airlines for a good journey and I suggest you PIA or Saudi Airline for this purpose. No doubt, these are the very best life moments of all pilgrim. So try to keep yourself calm.

    Soon PIA Saudi Airline Hajj Flight Schedule will declare by the Government from Peshawar Lahore timing because with the passage of every day, this very special occasion is coming close. Every year like other countries huge numbers of Pakistani people performs this duty.

    According to the announcement of the officials first, the flight will take off to the Holy City of Saudi Arabia from July 2018 from Karachi to until the last on August 2018. While exact date will public soon.


    PIA Saudi Airline Hajj Flight Schedule 2018 Peshawar Lahore Timing

    PIA First Flight For Hajj                       July 2018
    PIA Last Flight For Hajj                        August 2018
    Total Hajji (Approximate)                         179,210
    PIA Saudi Airline Hajj Flight Schedule For Peshawar…… Coming Soon
    PIA Saudi Airline Hajj Flight Schedule For Lahore…… Coming Soon

    Government Hajj Dues 2018

    For North & South Regions Respectively Rs: 281,019 and Rs: 272,019
    PIA Airline for All-South and North Areas Hajj Dues Rs: 94,000 & Rs: 85,000

    It’s the honor for PIA to serve the people in this great occasion of Hajj and every year huge number of Pakistanis travels through this platform. Although the standard of their services raise too many questions but till in this country their operation assumed more successful. Hope so this time they must make improvements in their standards. Meanwhile, Saudi Airline is well known because of their working style and best services. They set best services for a long time so it’s difficult to compare them with any other one.

    Moving back to the 2018 Schedule of Hajj Flight for all pilgrim of Peshawar and Lahore. Then probably after some days timing of both companies include Saudi Airline and PIA will make public. Complete your all preparation before leaving for it. Set your routine before going for it because at that time it must help you during the time of performing.

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