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Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2024 Lahore Karachi 150 500 100 watt

Posted by hasnain sial
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    Most expectedly, the new solar panel price in Pakistan 2024 in Lahore and Karachi will reduce after the finalization of subsidy on the 150 500 and 100 watt plates. With every upcoming year shortage of energy resources are not enough to full fill the requirements. Original worry is that one must search its alternatives through which one can control it. These crises in Pakistan is going higher demand of Solar Panel is also steadily growing. This is one best alternate source of electricity that full fill requirement of a home. No doubt here in these cities, these panels are suitable source to generate electricity.

    Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2024:

    • If the government works on some big project that produces electricity through this system then now days have not come when peoples in Pakistan are suffering from load shedding of half a day. If the solar panel price in Pakistan 2024 will come in buying power of an ordinary citizen then this country will easily get rid of many problems.

    Note: Now, govt has minimized the tax on the solar panels system in recent budget 2024 that will surely reduce its price and attract the users towards it. Further, the reduced fresh rates of solar panels will update market shortly. Thank U.

    From few years people start working on their own and they all get a good experience after installing these plates. But at that time the price of a panel is quite high so it’s not possible for everyone to afford such a high cost.

    Now govt also plans to help individuals who want to install these panels. Surely, this step will attract more peoples to install these plates.

    Solar Panel Price in Lahore 2024:

    • At start, the solar panel price in Lahore 2024 is a bit low whom rates will rise after two or three months of every year.
    150 Watt Solar Panel Plate Price in Pakistan
    500 Watt Solar Panel Plate Price in Pakistan 100 Watt Solar Panel Plate Price in Pakistan
    14,900 Rupees(of good quality) 130,250 Rupees 8,000 Rupees

    Note: Visit the market, maybe you will get better rates from these ones.

    Solar Panel Price in Karachi 2024:

    • Yes, the Solar Panel price in Karachi 2024 is also about the same as they are in Lahore. There is a minor fluctuation in them on the bases of the company.

    Inverex Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2024:

    Oh, despite of a proper functional website of Inverex, their solar panel prices are yet missed on it. But, they have a authorized contact number from which one will get the rates.

    • Call at 021-32711290-91 and second number is 0300-0560830..Try both of these contact options and they will definitely help you.

    Longi Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2024:

    They are not directly working here, but it does not means that Logar Solar Panel are not present in Pakistan. Few dealers will import it from China but their prices may vary from each other. That’s why, better is to visit market to get an idea of charges.

    • Note: The other major instrument used in this set up is Solar Inverter, whom is also a costly item. So, if you take both of these things from one spot, then probably, they will offer some discount on them.

    Jinko Solar Panel Price in Pakistan:

    Just like the above, this is also a china base brands who has not his own office in this country. So, the process to get Jinko Solar Panel Price is  feasible when one got to few shops that deals the imported panel.


    Now different companies have worked in the major cities of Pakistan. As, the people of Lahore are always looking for an alternate source of electricity, and no doubt they have many options for these plates.

    Although their price range is quite high this is the one-time investment from which one can get benefits for a long period of time. This is a long-term investment, one can get it to results for a long time. Although the present government promised to take control of its issue but till they fail to do anything on this issue. With this, it also needs that they give subsidy to Solar Panel price in Pakistan 2024 and for Lahore and Karachi that is one best solution. Probably this will produce its best result.

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