Solar Panel Prices in Lahore Pakistan 2018 150 500 100 watt

With every upcoming year shortage of energy resources are not enough to full fill the requirements. Original worry is that one must search its alternatives through which one can control it. These crises in Pakistan is going higher demand of Solar Panel is also steadily growing. This is one best alternate source of electricity that full fill requirement of home. Now of 150 500 100 watt Solar Panel Prices in Lahore and in other cities of Pakistan come in the range of a common person. No doubt, here in this country this is really suitable to generate electricity from solar energy through these plates. If government works on some big project that produces electricity through this system then now days have not come when peoples in Pakistan are suffering from load shedding of half a day.

From few years people start working on their own and they all get a good experience after installing these plates. But at that time price of a panel is quite high so it’s not possible for everyone to afford such high cost.

Now govt of Pakistan plans to help individuals who want to install these panels. After this progress had not done on this alternate source of electrifying and till individuals install them at their own cost. But now the number of companies starts working on these solar panels due to which prices are going down.

Solar Panel Prices in Lahore Pakistan 2018

  • 150 Watt: Starts From 45,550 Rupees
  • 500 Watt: 130,250 Rupees
  • 100 Watt: 38,250 Rupees


These companies had started working in the number of major cities in Pakistan according to an interest of the local population. Lahore is a city whose population is more interested in installing these solar panels. This is the reason that now solar plates from 150 500 100 watt are available at multiple places. So prices at different places are different because the same quality is not available at every place but here a rough idea of solar panel prices in Lahore Pakistan 2018 through which one must makes a rough estimate of price.

Although their price range is quite high this is one-time investment from which one can get benefits for a long period of time. This is a long-term investment, one can get it result for a long time. Although the present government promised to take control on it issue but till they fail to do anything on this issue. With this, its also need that they give subsidy to them that is one best solution. Probably this will produce its best result.

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