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WhatsApp Status in Urdu 2024 for Love Sad Poetry Shayari

Posted by Xaibi Sir
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    It’s observed in recent few years, that every smartphone user is well aware of the WhatsApp Status. It’s up to interest that what type of status one will like more for friends. But most commonly in 2024 Love and Sad Poetry or Shayari are preferred for WhatsApp Status in Urdu. So here a collection is available for those who are looking for some heartbroken lines. These are short in lengths that are perfect for this type of usage. Another thing to keep in mind, that your status will last for short period of time. While one also has the option to check the views that how many people read out your feelings. So this is the easiest and simple way to share your feeling with loved ones.

    Furthermore, if one takes a look at the concept of WhatsApp Status. Then it used for multiple purposes. First of all, through this one will update the occasion in which you missed out your friends or family.  Secondly, through this one will share inspirational though for friends circle. Thirdly, this is the best way to express your thought that one feels for others.

    WhatsApp Status in Urdu 2024:

    Most of the people in Pakistan update Love Sad Poetry Shayari as WhatsApp status in Urdu 2024 to send an indirect message to loved one, with which they got separated. No doubt this is a beneficial way to share your inner consciousness.

    the current status

    • Soon poetry will update on this page.

    But the basic purpose of this status is to send a silent message to all contact that you are available for talk or not. So, it’s all depends on a person that for which purpose he will update them. Overall, these statuses are enough to judge the personality of a person. So, try to be positive in their selection. Because, its display to your entire contact, and most of the time your family numbers are also part of this list too.

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