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    When you are at home, before for leaving for Umrah perform two raka’at nafl to thank Allah that He gives you an opportunity to visit His home. After praying do dua to Allah ta’alaa to make your journey easy for you and protect you from Shaytaan also make dua that you have control on your nafs. After that start your journey. Offer pray five times in a day. Keep yourself engage in preaching, teaching and in remembrance of Allah ta’alaa. Step by Step information that how to perform Umrah a complete  Guide in Urdu and English must helps one.

    The word Umrah is develop from Arabic word “I’timaar” which means visit. Performing Umrah is a Sunnah .The word “minor Hajj” is also use for Umrah. Thus it means visiting the Ka’bah perform tawaaf and move seven times between the Safaa and Marwah. This can be perform anytime in the year except during the Hajj five days because during these days it become makhrooh tahreemi to perform the Umrah. Numbers of virtues are reported in many Ahadiths i.e. “One Umrah is an expiation for the sins committed between it and another” narrated in Bukhari Muslim. In Ibne Maajah it is reported that “The performers of Hajj and Umrah are deputations of Allah ta’alaa. If they call Him, He answers them and if they seek His forgiveness, He forgives them”.

    Four Pillar of Umrah

    Farz for Ummrah:

    • Ihraam (Niyyah, talbiyah and dressing)
    • Tawaaf

    Wajjab for Umrah:

    •  Sa’ee between Safaa and Marwah
    • Qasar or Halaq
    1. IHRAAM  

    When you reached at Meeqat, if possible perform ghusal otherwise do wudhoo. Then wear ihraam. Men should wear two sheets of white color to cover the upper part and the lower part of the body and women should cover whole body with any cloth, except covering the face. Then with your covered head perform two ra’kaat nafal with the ihraam. Recite Surah Kafiroon in first ra’kaat and recite Surah Ikhlas in the second ra’kaat. After nafal sitting on the prayer mat with the barehead do niyyah for Umrah by saying “O Allah, intend to perform Umrah. Make it easy for me and accept it from me. After that read talbiyah for the three times. Talbiyah:

    Men should recite this talbiyah loudly and women should recite this dua silently. Recite darood Shareef and again make dua yourself. Make sure that the ihraam should be complete while making the niyyah and while reciting talbiyah.

    Until you reach in MAKKAH MUKARMA, in the ihraam state recite recite talbiyah and istighfaar as much as possible. When you enter in the Makkah recite talbiyah with full respect. Then enter into the masjid Al Majidul Haraam with greatest modesty and should have a sense of greatness of Allah and respect for the holy place. When you are entering into the Masjid, make sure put your right foot first and say:


    1. TAWAAF

    Second pillar of Umrah is tawaaf, which is fardh for Umrah. When performing tawaaf make dua and remember Allah. You may also recite Holy Quran during Tawaaf. Then move towards the stone name “Al Hajarul Aswad”. When you reached at the “Al Hajrul Aswad” make idhtibaa and stand and face the Holy Ka’bah such that the “Al Hajarul-Aswad” is at the right of your right shoulder and then by standing her make niyyah for tawaaf. Move a bit to your right make sure that your chest and face is in the direction of Kab’bah and stand straight on the black line which shows that you are standing with the stone. While standing there lift up your hands to your ears and then say:


                Slightly start moving towards right so the Ka’bah is at your left and then walk around the Ka’bah until you again come to the Al Harajul Aswad. Now complete the seven rounds in the same way. When all the rounds are completed again do istilaam and move to Maqaami Ibraaheem then offer two raka’at wajab. In first raka’at recite Surah Kafiroon and in second raka’at recite Surah Ikhlas. After offering make dua. Then move towards the well of ZamZam and drink ZamZam by standing in the position of Ka’bah. Then go to the Multazim, grip the wall of Ka’bah and engage yourself in making dua. Again return to Aswad to perform Istilaam. Performing istilaam before going to sa’ee is mustahab.

    1. SA’EE

    After performing the tawaaf move to Safaa, in the direction mentioned by the green light. Go to the place where Ka’bah is visible and make niyyah. By looking at the Ka’bah lift up your hands to the shoulders and say three times:


    This is the place where the duas are accepted, so stand there recite durood shareef and make dua. Now move towards the Marwah. Make dua while moving towards between the Safaa and Marwah. When you reached at the Marwah, go the place where you can easily see Ka’bah. By doing this your one round is completed. Complete seven rounds in the same way from Safaa to Marwah. Then it is mustahab to perform two rakat’at.

    Image Source in Urdu to Perform:

    umrah umrah umrah

    1. HALAQ

    The last step is Halaq. After the sa’ee, it is necessary to trim the hair of you whole head or you can trim just one inch of your hair. For the women, it is essential to trim more than one inch of the hairs from the end of the hairs. After your hair got trimmed, the rituals of Umrah got ended and you can lift up your ihraam. This step by step guide in Urdu and English to knows that How to Perform Umrah is given in detail so must read it out.

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