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Who is Reham Khan Ex Husband Name? Imran Khan New Wife Reham Khan Marriage Pics

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    A hot trend that is now going to peak in Pakistan is wedding of PTI chairman Imran Khan with an anchor person. So everyone wants to know that Who is Reham Khan Ex Husband Name? Reham Khan Marriage Imran Khan New Wife Pic images. Reham Khan is already married and gets divorce after birth of three children. This thing makes this issue too much hot and attracts every person towards it. Till this marriage is in secret that also enhance the rumor of different factors. In recent press conference Imran Khan revealed that whole good story will come soon in this week. Here big question that comes in mind is that when they attach with each other. And second important thing is the background of Reham that when she come in Pakistan and from where she belongs. With these whole things most important thing that all wants to know is that what is the name of her ex husband and why she left here. So for this short biography of Reham is that she belongs to KPK. Her parents migrate to UK due to business and due to some other issues. According to Pakhtoon tradition she married in early age of life with elder partner.

    Imran Khan Wife Name Reham Khan Wedding Pictures

    Imran Khan dating with anchors Reham Khan

    Who is Reham Khan Ex Husband Name: Ijaz Rehman

    After first marriage she sees quite happy and give birth to three children. But later on she gets divorced from ex doctor husband and joins BBC as a weather reporter. Here she also gets too much fame and permanent in short period of time. Here she passes lovely time and with unique work she becomes more attractive weather reporter in BBC. Then she decides to skip this job and aim to join Pakistani media where she gets chance as anchor person in two media channels. With this she attaches with Imran Khan and story end at Reham Khan Marriage Imran Khan New Wife whose pic is also come. So after this Who is Reham Khan Ex Husband Name? is also comes in mind of people.

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