SMS 9966 to Check Car Registration, Token Tax Vehicle Verification

Details about SMS 9966 to Check Car, Vehicle, Motorcycle Registration, Token Tax Information and verification in Punjab are given there. Now one just dials 9966 to your mobile and check Car, Motorcycle Registration, token Tax information by Sms. Excise and taxation department work from a period of time and now they succeed to launch these services. In this whole effort Punjab government also has major role because under their instruction this whole work will end in limited period of time. From a period of time Punjab government try their level best to clear the vehicle registration and for this life time token offer is also announced without any fine. For this official also extend time limit in which huge number of vehicles submits their life time token fee. Now it time to check those vehicles that pay their life time token as well as for officials that they take step to arrest those vehicle that are had not paid their token.

SMS 9966 to Check Car Registration, Token Tax Vehicle Verification

Check Car Registration


Send Vehicle Number at 9966 and within period of time a verification message will receive.

Punjab MTMIS Find online Registration Details of Vehicle Click Here

These services also make easy for buyers of cars and for those that has business of selling and purchasing of different kinds of vehicles. Although before this a online system is working through which one can check vehicle registration and other details. But this service is not available for many of users due to unavailability of sources. And many of times online link is also down due to high load. Now these whole worries are going down and one send need to send SMS 9966 to Check Car Registration, Token Tax Vehicle Verification. Further in case of any problem or issue just comment in below section and we try level best to support users. So must keep in touch with this page. For more information one can also dial 08000-9966 and get related information.


  1. Hello guys
    i have sent my veh no to 9966 but that 2 msgs came frm them. please tell me how can i send in correct format.
    please send the correct format. ABCnnn,ABC nnnn, ABCnnn, ABCYYnnnn, Chassis Number, Engine Number

  2. I have send SMS to 9966 in this format e.g ABCYYnnnn…. Numbering series,year of registration,registration number without any space….

    I got a reply with complete detail….

    simply awesome…

  3. Salam everybody today i sms my vehicle no at 9966 and received this reply kv-281 not found.My question is that my car is Islamabad registered does this service cover the Islamabad registered vehicle…

  4. I received a wrong information about my car. Different owner, different owner address and different color of the car. However, information was correct in online mtmis (sometime ago I checked). Currently, mtmis is not working for me. Any help?

  5. i applied for transfer motorcycle registeration no.LRF 335 but still the name of privious ownershop is being shown why??????

  6. i applied for transfer of motorcycle registration no.LRF335 and recived regostration book own name but still privious owner Zahoor Ahmed is bieng shown….plz inform me about it .

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