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How to Check Vehicle Registration through SMS? Token Tax Car Verification by 9966

Posted by hasnain sial
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    A while back, the Government has made the process of checking the information of vehicles very easy, but the question is how to check vehicle registration through SMS? Undoubtedly, this system is very useful because now the residents of Punjab can conveniently check the details and records of a car or motorbike and even the token tax verification is possible by sending an SMS to 9966. If you don’t have a laptop or a computer there is nothing to worry about because a mobile device can also do the job for you. You can inspect the records at any time and the valid details will be provided to you in a few seconds.

    How to Check Vehicle Registration through SMS?

    The complete process that how to check vehicle registration through SMS? is very easy. You just have to send an SMS to 9966 and you will be provided with all these figures.

    This facility has turned out to be very beneficial for the buyers and sellers of vehicles because, with the use of this facility all the details about the car or bike like the owner’s name, registration number etc can be viewed on a mobile device in no time.

    Token Tax Car Verification by 9966:

    Let’s take a look at the step by step guide on how to check vehicle registration through SMS?

    1. Open your message box and type the number of the vehicle. It should include both numerical and alphabets
    2. Send it to the number 9966
    3. Just in a while, you will be able to get all the possible details.

    Moreover, through this one will also get info about the number of the engine, the paid amount and the validity of the token. So, everything is really simple and easy.

    Check Car Registration

    The SMS service will help to prevent a lot of scams and fraud that people experience at the time of selling and purchasing. When you have checked all the records you can rest assured that the vehicle you are good to deal.

    Amendments are going on in almost all the departments of Punjab and the CM Punjab is trying to provide more and more facilities to the residents of Pakistan. Those who know how to check vehicle registration through SMS? must get the idea that how this will beneficial for the people of this province.

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    1. Adnan says:

      Hello guys
      i have sent my veh no to 9966 but that 2 msgs came frm them. please tell me how can i send in correct format.
      please send the correct format. ABCnnn,ABC nnnn, ABCnnn, ABCYYnnnn, Chassis Number, Engine Number

    2. shahid says:

      I have send SMS to 9966 in this format e.g ABCYYnnnn…. Numbering series,year of registration,registration number without any space….

      I got a reply with complete detail….

      simply awesome…

    3. Nadeem Shafique says:

      eg. send LEB-08-1111 to 9966

    4. Ali says:

      Salam everybody today i sms my vehicle no at 9966 and received this reply kv-281 not found.My question is that my car is Islamabad registered does this service cover the Islamabad registered vehicle…

    5. Saad says:

      I received a wrong information about my car. Different owner, different owner address and different color of the car. However, information was correct in online mtmis (sometime ago I checked). Currently, mtmis is not working for me. Any help?

    6. Ali says:

      mtmis is also not working for me plz help..

    7. Ch Muhammad Afzal says:

      i applied for transfer motorcycle registeration no.LRF 335 but still the name of privious ownershop is being shown why??????

    8. Ch Muhammad Afzal says:

      i applied for transfer of motorcycle registration no.LRF335 and recived regostration book own name but still privious owner Zahoor Ahmed is bieng shown….plz inform me about it .

    9. Ali says:

      Dear ,any body tell me the method of sms 9966,my car number,lxp 4252,please show me formate,

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