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Best Homemade Remedies for Wrinkles around Eyes

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    Wrinkles around eyes are a common problem nowadays. So here we discuss how to get rid of wrinkles around eyes. Mostly wrinkles produce under eyes due to stress, aging, lack of moisture, smoking, and sun exposure so on. There are huge ranges of skin products especially make for wrinkles under eyes but these products are temporary and you don’t find a good result. Nowadays women prefer to treat their wrinkles under eyes through homemade remedies. There are several homemade remedies that can help to reduce wrinkles under eyes. Here we mention top seven best homemade remedies for wrinkles around eyes.

    Best Homemade Remedies for Wrinkles around Eyes

    Seven best remedies for wrinkles around eyes

    Coconut remedy:

    Take 3tbsp petroleum jelly,3 tbsp coconut oil and 3 tbsp cocoa butter. First of all take a saucepan and add above these things on low heat. Warm this mixture until the oils and petroleum jelly completely melted together.After this put this mixture into a sterile glass container. Before going to bed wash your face and apply this mixture with ring figure and massage gently.

    Apple and pineapple remedy:

    Take equal quantity of apple and pineapple juice and mix well. Soak cotton in this mixture and apply on your eyes ten to fifteen minutes.


    Cucumber is best for wrinkles around eyes. Cucumber contains a huge amount of vitamins C,E , , folate, and minerals. Cucumber reduce your wrinkles and make your skin smooth and moisture.

    Orange juice:

    You can use orange juice to get rid of wrinkles under eyes. Dip a cotton ball in orange juice and aply around eyes two time in a day ist in morning and second in evening.

    Castor oil:

    Use castor oil on eye wrinkles. Apply and massage few drops of castor oil to your under eyes in the evening after cleansing your face. You should try this remedy 2 times in a week.

    Egg yolk and butter:

    Take a bowl and add in egg yolk and butter 1to 2 tsp and mix well. Apply this mixture under eyes for 20 minutes and then wash with coldwater.

    Bread with cream butter:

    Take a small piece of soft white bread and put it in the warmed cream butter. Apply this mixture under your eyes and leave it for 20 minutes then wash with cold water.Beside these remedies avoid some things just like smoking, poor facial skin care and sun exposures. Drink eight to ten glass of water because water will keep your skin hydrated.

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