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SK Fans Price List 2024 Ceiling Inverter AC/DC Pedestal Bracket Exhaust

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    For commercial and home usage, families are preferring SK fans because of best quality and low consumption of electricity. Now you can take the SK Fans price list 2024 and this includes the ceiling fan Inverter AC/DC, pedestal fan with bracket and exhaust fan. Now a plus point of this company is that they added the inverter technology. Meanwhile, they claim maximum percentage of copper wire in the products because copper wire consumes low electricity as compared to other wires and work for a long time. Obviously, the prices of SK fans are a bit high but they are providing the latest technology and every month you can save money.

    SK Fans Price List 2024:

    They have major 4 types of the fans like ceiling, pedestal, Bracket, and Exhaust fan. While, the SK fans price list 2024 is allocated as per item or product. In addition, they are giving the inverter technology in just only ceiling fan. In the future, they will introduce inverter technology in all the products.

    SK Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan 2024:

    All the ceiling fans design is very gorgeous and the shape of every fan is different. In some models, they are giving the 5 blades but exist in inverter technology. And for sure, this is a rare factor here. So check the price of all the models.

    Fan Model Name Price(Approx.)
    Antique Plus 12,580 Rupees
    Simple Antique 11,950 Rupees
    Antique Water Proof 12,570
    Sareen 13,900
    Caroma 12,840
    Caroma Plus 13,080
    Magnum Simple 10,900
    Executive 9,780
    Victoria 10,130
    VIP 9,600
    Super Deluxe Multi 9,100
    Supreme 9,060
    Deluxe Plus 9,120
    Deluxe Standard 8,700
    Deluxe Standard and its in 40 inches 8,170
    AC and DC Fan 10,490
    All of Models are in this Last

    SK Pedestal Fans Price in Pakistan 2024:

    Few varieties exist in pedestal fans as well as only one model is simple while other models are available in different features. Now, we write down the all prices of the SK pedestal fans but this does not exist in inverter technology. Because some people think that all fans exist in inverter technology but just only ceiling fans exist.

    Fan Model Name Approx. Price
    TCP 10,350 Rupees of size 18
    Simple Traditional Pedestal Fan 16,500 Rupees of size 24
    TCP Fancy 10,640
    TCP DC 7,815 and 13,100 Rupees

    SK DC Inverter Fan Price in Pakistan:

    For best efficiency, they have the new technology in ceiling fans called dc inverter. For this, they bring the copper wire fan but now they are making the copper wire with inverter technology. But till now they have launched the few models that are mention in the table along with prices.

    Magnum Inverter 13,000 Rupees
    Super Deluxe Inverter 10,590 Rupees
    Caroma Plus Inverter 15,240 Rupees
    Grace (Inverter) 25,600 Rupees
    Spider (Inverter) 25,610 Rupees

    SK Bracket Fan Price in Pakistan:

    This fan is also need of every house, as it cover less space and an really beneficial fan.  Now, 8 models of bracket fans are buyable under the SK brand. They are also best in the air flow or other factors.

    Model Approx. Price
    AS-355 7,290
    AS-410 7,970
    AS-501 8,700
    AS-501 that is in Plastic Blade 8,710
    AS-502 8,700
    Basic 8,250 Rupees of size 16
    AS-505 8,500
    Mega Model 12,820 to 15,280

    Compare them with the:

    • Their quality is almost match to one another too.

    the prices info of the SK fans

    Many of the local companies are giving the different types of fans at a cheap rate but after few days they will expire due to the low quality of the wire. We will prefer the SK fans who are giving the latest technology and preparing the different products according to customers need. Take all the SK fans price list 2024 and then go into the market and buy. Great performance is their identity and they maintained it well.

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