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Home Remedies for Abortion Early Pregnancy in Urdu

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    Here you can just have a look at the home remedies for abortion early pregnancy, they act as natural contraceptives: Use of Angelica: It is a kind of natural product; it helps you in activating those contractions and also your monthly periods. It has to be taken by you 4 times in a day; you can take it with a cup of warm water. You just have to use it only 5-15 and then you will achieve you goals. Hot shower: If you will also be taking a regular hot shower then it is also marked as one of the suitable home remedies that can let you in abortion practice. You just have to combine this bath of yours with herbs.

     Use of Black Cohosh

     It is a kind of herb that can actually make your uterus quite ready for abortion, you just have to follow the intake of red cohosh.

    • Make sure that it will not generate your abortion completely but it will be slowly taking you that process! It has also some side effects that have been associated with this herb but they are a temporary one.

    Intake of Vitamin C

    We have seen that Vitamin C has these natural properties, they act as contraceptive, they have been marked as a good and best home remedy for your abortion. You can be taking fruits like that of citrus fruits when you have monthly periods and when you start getting a feeling of pregnancy. We are sure that by the taking of fruits, your problem will be sorted out.

    Use of Papaya

    • It is also a kind of easy way out if you have been concerned for your abortion; it can lead to miscarriages and also let you to get the goals of your abortion.

    Use of Pineapples

    They have certain enzymes that can let you to face miscarriages in women, if you want to have successful home remedy for your abortion, then you should be adhering to a bowl of pineapple and also fresh pineapple juice each and every day.


    So, these are the home remedies for abortion early pregnancy, you can try them up! Instead of taking high dosage medicines and instead of getting into the operation stuff, you can follow these home remedies for abortion early pregnancy. Tips in Urdu are nor updated because type in Urdu is not possible at this page.

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