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Dr Bilquis Sheikh Tips for Long Hair in Urdu

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    Each of the girl has this ultimate desire to have long hairs. Its desire to have silky and faster growing hairs. These long hairs will add more plus points in our beauty. For getting long hair tips of Dr Bilquis Sheikh that are also wrote in Urdu are really helpful. The craze to long length is found especially among women they are so conscious about them. Women want to do each and every thing for making their best and long hairs in the world. Hair roots are the most important part in grooming, they plays a major role in increasing.  So consulting a specialist must help one, they worked on it that made them more effective. But selection of right person is also important because some wrong tips may damage your hair.

    Dr Bilquis (Bilqees) Sheikh is famous among the media channels and she one of the best doctor who is intelligent to known about true knowledge related to the beauty and health and well related to the long hairs. There are a lot of tips for long hairs which are the best and very useful for long and strong hairs.

    Tips in Urdu:


    These tips are also advice by Dr Bilquis Sheikh but they are not available in Urdu so take them easy and must apply them to get healthy hairs..

    • Coconut oil is the best for the strong hairs
    • Yogurt is the best for the long and strong hairs
    • Use shampoo two or three times in a whole week
    • Wash your hair with the cold water
    • Use right kind of shampoo which is consists less chemicals
    • Olive oil is the best for the long hair
    • Almond oil is the best for long hair
    • Lemon juice is the best for the strong roots of the hairs

    Keep in mind that you should be oiling up your hair twice in a week. It is a must for you that your hair should be getting complete and proper nourishment and this can be done with this oiling. This oiling will give more strength and nutrition to your hairs and they will be able o grow faster.

    Avoid making use of daily shampoo! This use of daily shampoo weaken up the roots of your hair and make them damage. You have to skip this routine of yours. If you will be shampooing your hair on the daily basis then oil will not be able to penetrate in your hair in a proper way. This use of shampoo can make your hair frizzy and brittle at the same time.

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