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Pakistan Railway Timing Karachi to Multan Lahore Rawalpindi

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    Today Pakistan Railway Timing timetable Karachi to Multan, Lahore, and Rawalpindi is updated on regular basses. Pakistan railways are a national rail transport service of Pakistan. Pakistan railway works under the ministry of railways. Railway of Pakistan has faced severe financial and management crisis under the ministry. So due to these reasons some departments with partnership with other private operators. Now railway has started on public private partnership. But now a day’s Pakistan railways is trying to best effort to bring improvement for the people of Pakistan. The aim of Pakistan railway is provides the best customer service and makes very easy and comfortable travel in all over the Pakistan. Pakistan railway provides first and second classes of train with comfortable seats and journey for the people of Pakistan. So Pakistan railways provide the freedom of people to buy online tickets and there is no need to go any railway station. But mostly people of Pakistan not know about the advance system of railway and waiting for long queues. But the railways journey from Karachi to Lahore, Rawalpindi and Multan is very comfortable and follow the right time schedule as compare to other cites travel by train in all over Pakistan.


    Pakistan Railway Timing Karachi to Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi:

    1 Fareed Express Karachi City Lahore 19:10 19:20
    2 Karachi Express Karachi Cant Lahore 17:00
    3 Karakoram Exp Karachi Cant Lahore 16:00
    4 Night Coach Karachi Cant Lahore 19:00
    5 Pak Business Exp Karachi Lahore 15:30
    6 Pakistan Express Karachi Cant Rawalpindi 13:00
    7 Shalimar Express Karachi Cantt Lahore JN 06:00
    8 Shah Rukne Alam Exp Karachi City Multan Temporary Suspend
    9 Tezgam Karachi Cant Rawalpindi 17:30
    10 Bahauddin Zakria Exp Karachi City Multan 17:40 17:50
    11 Bahauddin Zakria Exp Multan Karachi City 07:40 07:55
    12 Fareed Express Lahore Karachi City 09:30 09:45
    13 Karachi Express Lahore Karachi Cant 11:20
    14 Karakoram Exp Lahore Karachi Cant 10:10
    15 Night Coach Lahore Karachi 13:20
    16 Pak Business Exp Lahore Karachi 09:00
    17 Pakistan Express Rawalpindi Karachi Cant 07:55
    18 Shah Rukne Alam Exp Multan Karachi City Temporary Suspend
    19 Shalimar Express Lahore JN Karachi Cantt 00:30
    20 Tezgam Rawalpindi Karachi Cant 10:25

     There is no any problem to reservation the seats for Karachi to Lahore, Rawalpindi and Multan. All the second class coaches are being provides with cushioned seats and all the reservation process has been works computerize on Karachi to Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi. Railway provides the close television have been introduced in these sites. Pakistan railway is making progress and a lot of improvements day by day with the help of privatization participant.

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