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How To Wear A Scarf On Your Head?

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    Why do women wear scarf? What is the major reason behind it? Are the scarfs considered to be the fashion trend or they are part of our religion? How the scarf can be gracefully hold over the head? Well some of these eminent questions often revolve in our mind. Scarf’s are counted among the most elegant and nice-looking outfit for the head. Women and young girls strongly prefer wearing them for making their head fully covered in summer season and mostly in winter timings for saving their hairs from getting damaged. But on the other hand these scarfs are also one of the requisite clothing in the Islamic religion. The religion of Islam teaches the Muslim women to cover their heads while going outside and in front of the male society and for that reason they make the use of scarf.  Now the question arises that what are the most appropriate ways for wearing the scarf. In this article we are discussing the prominent guidelines that would help the women to take hold over the scarf on their heads.

    How To Wear A Scarf On Your Head:

    1. Firstly is the Kelly scarf. This scarf is basically used for handling the hairs while travelling and driving the car. This scarf is easily accessible in different shapes and sizes that can be selected according to the size of the hairs. For wearing the Kelly scarf you have to foremost turn it into a triangle shape. Always keep the edged portion towards the front point of the face and the other two corners will come under the chin by leaving them as folded as they were. Now fold the two corners under the chin tightly so that the scarf gets tied up much firmly on your head.

    2. Second is the crown scarf. This scarf foremost demand for changing it into rectangular form. In this scarf you no longer need to create any centers. Just wear the scarf on the head by allowing the other side to lay down longer then the second side. Now twist the longer portion so that it starts making the shape of a rope and keep turning it roundly until it doesn’t meet with the shorter section of the scarf. As soon as they get together tie them together and wrap the knot around your neck.

    On the whole we discussed these two scarfs as they are famous among the women and they mostly face the difficulty in these two scarfs. So we are sure that these steps would help them to cover their heads more elegantly.

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