Yokohama Tyres Price List in Pakistan 2022 Dealers in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore

For long travelling, quality of tyres must be good. Though, many of imported tyres are now in market for sale but there is no replacement of Yokhama. From life to the smoothness of drive, they are the best. Furthermore, Yokohama Tyres price list in Pakistan 2022 is high from many of other brand but users still suggest it. A trouble faced by many of purchasers is that where are the authorized dealers of Yokohama in Karachi, Islamabad and also in Lahore. In the meantime, this brand has not any formal store in Pakistan. But, there are many tyre shops that ensure the originality and also demand the real rates. So, now this is not a big deal.

Yokohama Tyres Price List in Pakistan 2022:

Variation in the Yokohama Tyres price list in Pakistan 2022 is revolving with the size. Further, import year also affect the rates. But, mostly shops have fresh stock in the brand new category. These are the frequent used tyres that cost in:

 Yokohama Tyres 195/65 r15 Price in Pakistan 2022:

  • This is perfect tire for Honda or Toyota sedans and these are the common cars. That’s why mostly shops make sure to have it in their supply. However, it’s better that you visit to note the rates from couple of sellers.
Yokohama Tyres 195/65 r15 Price 16,000 Rupees( Of each piece)

After this:

Other Yokohama Tyres Price in Pakistan 2022:

For every type of cars, Yokohama Tyres are offered. They are perfect for the road grip and also good for the health of vehicle too. In past, there was rumor that they produce noise but it’s an absolute fake speculation. Maybe, someone face this type of issues with a particular pair but overall they are the top of line tyre options. The table has their rates:

Yokohama Tyres Size Price(Of Each Tyre)
Yokohama 185/65 r15 Tyre 14,000 Rupees
Yokohama 205 55 r16 Tyre 26,000 Rupees
Yokohama 205/65 r15 Tyre 22,000 Rupees
Yokohama 175 70 r13 Tyre 13,000 Rupees
Yokohama 175/65 r15 Tyre 13,500 Rupees
Yokohama 155 65 R13 Tyre
Yokohama 155/80 r13 Tyre

Note: These all Yokohama tyres prices are not fixed because they may change from one importer to another. Or any wholesaler charge lesser price and a relatively small shopper demand higher amount. At end of day, you can get exact amount idea from market.

overall rate of them

Yokohama Tyres Dealers in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore:

  • If anyone claim that they are the authorized seller or dealers of Yokohama Tyres in Karachi, Islamabad or Lahore then they are lying. Because this tire brand has still not signed official deal with any dealer or they have not any outlet in Pakistan.

However, one will obtain the Yokohama Tyres price list in Pakistan 2022 from every city. Prefer a good tyre shop or direct importer because they have more choices and also guide correctly. Also check the year that is written on every tyre too.

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