Essay on Exciting Cricket Match 2016 for Class 10th 2nd year

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    This is one of the oldest and popular games of the world. Players and the audience both require consistent stamina and strength. In terms of popularity, it is as popular as football. Very few countries are fond of playing cricket and consequently there are many persons in the world who love to watch this amazing game. Though, it is not a national game of Pakistan, but everyone alike is impressed by this game and enjoys this game. A essay on subject of exciting cricket match in 2016 for class 10th and 2nd year is write here.

    In this match two teams are involved. One team is the bowling side and the other team is on the batting side. Each team comprises of eleven players. The whole game is conducted by two empires. One empire takes his position just right at the back of the wicket at the bowling side whereas the other empire stands at few yards away either on the right side or at the left side of the wicket at the batting side. Round field is used to play cricket.

    This is an international level game. Now there is a list of countries has also joined cricketing bands. Once One Day matches were very popular but now T20 cricket matches has very effectively replaces traditional matches.


    From the last few years, Pakistan cricket team is losing its image. Some great players of this game are also produced by this country. But now, it seems that the unity level within the players is very low. Poor captaincy is also the cause of the bad performance during the match. Furthermore, the poor management by PCB and the current Pakistan’s cricket coach is not eligible for this post. These are the few factors that bring down the name of our cricket team rather than uplifting the name.

    This is a very exciting game. Millions of fan are resides in this country. Many of the young boy’s dreams big to become a star in the cricket match. Some of these are so crazy that they join academies to gain full training to become a part of the leading team. When team of this country played any match against the other team, then all the streets and stadium lighten up. The live streaming concept on the roads is became a trend in this nation. In short the craze of this game is found more then any other thing in this game.

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