Breast Cancer Causes and Symptoms in Urdu

Breast Cancer has become most common disease among the women. It tends to occur at an earlier age than do other cancers to you or it can cause heart attack.Breast Cancer Causes and Symptoms in Urdu are being provided here so that all those women who are in suffering from this disease or those who have doubt can easily get to know about the symptoms and causes. Breast cancer is rare in men but it is the second most common cause of death from cancer in women so our this article can help out those women who are suffering and every girls should know the symptoms of breast cancer so that if any one feel that she is going to get breast cancer she can consult to a doctor before it happen. Breast cancer is actually occurs when it lost control and cells begin to dived in the unusually high rate. According to the advance researches what has identified is that, breast cancer in women is always caused by the damage to a cell’s DNA there is nothing else which could cause that. There are many doctors and researches who tells that Caffeine, Deodorant, Cell Phones or contact with someone who has cancer is the cause of Breast cancer but these do not cause breast cancer. SO under here we have given you the symptoms of breast cancer that can be helpful for you to stay safe by this bad disease.


Breast Cancer Symptoms:

  • The very first symptom of breast cancer with most of the women is noticed a lump or some area of breast will be thickened tissue.
  • Mostly the lumps are not cancerous but it is good to have them checked by the special doctor for your safety.
  • You will see you a lump area of thickened tissue in either breast and a change of size or shape of one of both breast tissues.
  • Discharge from your nipple which may be streaked with the blood is also a big symptom of breast cancer.
  • A swelling into your breast and dimpling on the skin of your breast is an other symptom ,
  • Some rashes will appear on your breast and a change in the appearance of your nipples such as becoming sunken into your breast or swelled at all.

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