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Cinepax Cinema Karachi Lahore Show Timings Movie Schedule Ticket Price

Posted by ali sial
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    For the revival of cinema industry in Pakistan there is a need of educated youngsters, advancement of more acting and training schools, production houses, cinemas and most of all the government support should work together to make it possible. No doubt at same time some individuals have done excellent work in reasonable ticket price, its best example is Cinepax Cinema that works in Karachi and Lahore. Their Schedule comprised of latest launched movie, as well Show Timings is also easy according to which one can manage time table. The need of hour is to take radical steps for the survival of film industry. In which cinema are too much important. Now quality of print and environment in this sector must play their role.

    Influential changes in technical aspects are required and foremost the subject of film should be attractive, that has the ability to attractive large number of audience to cinema.

    Cinepax Cinema Karachi Ticket Price Contact Number

    Cinepax Cinepax

    During the golden era of the 60’s and 70’s, the quality of scripts, films, acting, direction, music and even lyrics were great at that time and believed as a powerful mean to attractive number of audience to theaters and cinema. Unfortunately, with the passage of time it became very difficult to maintain the legacy which was highly enriched with culture. Thus gradually downfall of the Pakistan cinema industry started. In addition, the Fall of Dhaka was another major cause of downfall of Pakistan cinema industry this was the most destructive and offensive shock.


    Simultaneously, the advent of cassette recorders is another major cause as people find ease while watching and enjoying movies at home. Copying of films on tapes did a huge loss on Pakistan cinema. Moreover, lack of financial support by Government, follow up rule of Islamic Policies, introduction and showcasing of foreign movies in cinemas and conformist thinking of locals have ruined the Pakistan film industry.

    Cinepax Cinema Lahore Ticket Price Contact Number

    Cinepax Cinema Cinepax Cinema

    As mentioned earlier that in this crucial time Cinepax Cinema Karachi and Lahore perform excellent job in its movie schedule one can looking for show timings that come on screen in reasonable ticket price. Just make your plan and going to see latest picture on this elegant screen.

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