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Dr Bilquis Sheikh Tips for Weight Loss in Urdu

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    To get a best result who are facing over weight follow Dr Bilquis Sheikh Tips for Weight Loss these effective instructions are also in Urdu that are not difficult. Everyone in the their entire world want to spend happy and tension free healthy life, but Un consciously when their weight going up problems starts arising. There are so many people in the world that’s suffering from the weight gain diseases and there are a lot of women that’s gain weight and they too much worried about this situation. They asked about the latest and useful techniques which are very helpful to weight loss. This is common but serious issue for humanity. Dr Bilquis Sheikh is one of the best personalities that’s provides the home remedies which is very helpful for the people especially women.

    She is providing the best tips for those people that are suffering from the too much weight gain. To use the tips there are so many people are become more and more beautiful because there is not only clothes or makeup represent the beauty but also slim and smart figure is also true beauty for women.


    Dr Bilquis is provides the best tips for weight loss and is very helpful for the women and don’t having the side effects of these tips.

    For all that Easy to know English can check these Tips Below:

    • Lemon, Honey in warm water is the best for weight loss.
    • Take Herbal Tea in proper routine its also plays a role in reducing your weight
    • Massage of body with essential oil is also useful.
    • Diet is always important, so follow a proper schedule.
    • In this diet plan set the chicken three days in a week.
    • Take ginger tea one to two times in a day.
    • When one follow proper diet then its also effects on your health so in this case make habit for drink Milk on every day bases.

    By following Dr Bilquis Sheikh Tips for Weight Loss in Urdu one can get result within few days so its necessary that one follow these tips. It is seen that obesity gradually becomes unhealthy due to several reasons as it is observed that excessive weight people have more effects on their hearts, which can raise cholesterol level and may results in high blood pressure which leads to diabetes. So its time to take care yourself and try to minimize it before the time when problem surrounds you.

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