10th Class Paper Pattern 2024 Lahore, Gujranwala, Multan, Sahiwal Board

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    Over the past few years, the official of the Punjab board tried to introduce some new stuff in their system. For this 10th class paper pattern 2024 has also been modified for students of Lahore, Gujranwala, Multan, and Sahiwal Board. Basically, this pattern is divided into objective and subjective portions. Furthermore, marks of the objective portion adding up with short questions are greater than subjective questions for the purpose to improve conceptual studies. Now there are not too many days are left before the holding of examination so it’s necessary that from now all candidates start their preparation according to the paper pattern. This thing also helps them in preparation and during the attempt, it’s really easy for them to attempt the right question at right time.

    10th Class Paper Pattern 2024

    Note: A completely new pattern for the coming paper is rumored and will make sure soon. For better understanding model papers are also circulated from the official, these papers are accomplished purely according to the 10th class paper pattern 2024. So one can also take guidelines from them to.

    the pattern

     “For Science Subjects”

    Starts from Objective Portion:

    Expect Math this part has 12 Marks Contribution, Minuted allowed for attempting this piece of paper is 15. An additional 5 Min are given for the Math paper because of its greater marks.

    Bise Lahore 10 Class Paper Pattern 2024:

    First of all, check the Subjective Portion that has a very good weightage in every subject. Without a solid attempt at this portion, a good attempt is not possible.

    This segment of the paper has a weight age of 63 in other parts. But once more time it is divided into two sections.

    • Short
    • Long

    In the short part, Five Ques are necessary to solve, meanwhile, the total number is Eight so one has three optional Questions. Math is not included in this division as in this 6-question attempt from a total of 9. Further, this portion is divided into three segments on the bases of the syllabus.

    10th Class Paper Pattern 2024 Gujranwala Board:

    From Long Section: This is again split up into two 2 pieces. From each of then, one surely needs to undertake three questions, meanwhile one also option to miss a couple of them.

    “For 10th Arts Subjects”

    This list includes these subjects (Islamiyat and Urdu, English). Its objective portion marks distraction is also like science subjects, meanwhile, timing is also the same. Again this part is separated into three parts.

    Long Part:

    As with the Science portion, this is also parted into two quarters, and from the first one, it’s compulsory to solve Three problems. And from the second one has the option of 2 Ques.

    10th Class Paper Pattern 2024 Multan Board:

    • Note: In Punjab, the 10th-class paper pattern is the same for all boards. So, the 10th class paper pattern 2024 Sahiwal Board is also the same as other ones.

    If one desires to score good marks then one must prepare your paper according to Patterns in annual exams. With this complete your notes before the exams commenced, organize study groups, and arrange a few sessions, particularly for practice. In the end, day make a habit to review all the things which you have done. The understanding of the 10th Class paper pattern 2024 will produce benefits that will make difference in marks.

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