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Hair Transplant Cost in Karachi Peshawar Lahore Pakistan

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    Now hair loss is one major problem that number of men face in Pakistan. When one is going to check its solution then hair transplant is only possible way to cover this problem. With this it’s also important that one is able to bear these expenses are they are out of range. Some top doctor or clinic Hair Transplant Cost that work in Karachi Peshawar and Lahore are available here. They must provide you best facilities in a reasonable range of prices. If one goes back then this surgery is quite expensive, this is because of minimum number of experts as well clinics. Currently one can find this treatment in majority of cities that why its cost is also going down. Secondly at start majority of peoples are afraid from its pain, but as time passed and recovered one make sure that this is not a painful method to grow hair. Then confidence is build and majority of effected peoples are motivated towards it.

    We also give a rough cost idea, with this clinic addresses with phone number are also adding. Because these prices are varies according to hospitals and well nature of surgery is also matter in these rates. In Pakistan this transplant is again divides in two parts whose overview is also give below.

    Address in Karachi

    Karachi Karachi Karachi

    Address in Peshawar

    Peshawar Peshawar Peshawar

    Address in Lahore

    Lahore Lahore Lahore

    Cost  Idea of Simple Method:

    Generally majority of clinic charges 60 rupees per skin organ that produce hair. Meanwhile for a complete fill up almost 2000 to 3000 skin organs necessary to work. So in this way total cost lies between

    Total Amount: 120,000 to 180,000 Rupees

    FUE Method:

    This is another method of hair transplant, according to this process 130 rupees are charged per sin organ. That is reason that through this method cost is going high that lies between

    Total Amount: 260,000 to 390,000 Rupees

    Note: As given above that is a approximate price. To make a confirm price idea its necessary that one make a call or visit the place. But the range idea of price must lies between the above cost in every major city like Karachi Peshawar and Lahore. Hope your happiness will come back with your hair.

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