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Virtual University Fee Structure 2024 for BS Programs, MBA, BSCS, BED

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    On concept of the long distance, this is the university who took initiative and got great response. Now, for the bs programs, Virtual University fee structure 2024 is differing with the credit hours for BSCS or else MBA and BED. One can calculate the total fee by multiplying the per credit fee with the total. Moreover, their are a number of subjects that are hard for the students that is easy to learn through their learning technique. With the help of virtual university lectures videos, one can easily prepare your assignments and task easily.

    Virtual University Fee Structure per Semester 2024:

    Definitely, this university is completely based on modern information and technologies. But, they adjust themselves quickly in the local system. Now, per semester fee structure of Virtual university in 2024 is same like of the previous year. Their detail is:

    Virtual University BS Programs Fee Structure 2024:

    • From start, the preferences of this university was not to take profit but the mission was to provide the more affordable classes of education to aspiring the students all over the Country. That’s why Virtual University Fee structure 2024 for BS programs is not much challenging. Further, take a glance on it.
    Tuition Fee (Per Credit Hour) Other Expense at time of Admission
    Virtual University BS Programs Fee Approx. 850 Rupees (Same for BSCS Or Bed) 11,000 Rupees (Include security and admission expenses)

    This university holds the Federal Charter which makes the degree authentic, recognized and accepted all over the country as well as overseas. In a short passage of time it gained popularity in hundred of cities of country with the quality work.

    Virtual University MBA Fee Structure 2024:

    For the locals, they has more less fee pattern and this reflects from the Virtual University MBA fee structure 2024. The other requirements or charges are same but the tuition is:

    Tuition Fee( One Credit Hour)
    MBA Fee Structure 2500 Rupees

    total dues

    Physically, there are many student who miss the lectures every day, but there is a great facility given by the university for the students to get the videos for the missed lectures in class. Perhaps, they are the beginners who bring this type of mechanism there. While, Virtual University fee structure 2024 for BS or MBA, BED or the BSCS Programs is systematically allocated that one will also manageable for any class family.

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