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How Sun Effects The Skin

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    Here is some sorts of points to ponder of How Sun Affects The Skin. As Summer comes in Action Skin conscious People feels the Reaction of hot Season and Sun rises that effects at its peak level. Person loves their own skin always keep it away from Sun specifically. Skin Complexion is vastly damage in the Presence of Sun rays. It is Believed that Sun Rays are source of Vitamin D but over exposure can be dangerous for your Skin. The Sun rays have more effects on the Skin than usually in ordinary days without summer.Here are some common effects of Skin in the Presence of Sun Like:

    • Rough skin
    • Sun spots
    • Sun tan
    • Sun burn
    • Blackheads

    How Sun Effects The Skin

    How Sun Effects The Skin

    1. Rough Skin actually cause beacuse of Sun Penetrate in to Skin at depth and thus Damages the Protein that exist in Skin specially for Skin smoothness and fairness of Skin.After Cells has been damaged than it recovers in Months or usually in Years. That Specific Protein is damaged and will not be recovered easily.
    2. Wrinkles are most common and you can say first effect of Continues Sun light for two or three days in Summer season.
      Sun Spots is beacuse of over Exposure and it may be effects after sometime and may be you have much antigen to support it any way.
    3. UV Rays leaves an sign and your skin exposed to sun. Your Skin can Produce such material that produces dark spots in the presence of high Light is known as Sun Tan.
    4. Sun Burn is burning the layers of Skin in Sun. One Should not take Sun burn lightly.
    5. Blackheads are commonly on nose tips and forehead. Over Exposure to sun rays causes blackheads on the face.


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