Nokia 103 Price in Pakistan 2022 Original and China Copy

It’s observed again that peoples are coming back to Nokia Phones. The best example of this trend is the high search of Nokia 103 price in Pakistan 2022 but few buyers face issues regarding its original and china copy. Although this mobile is offered in such a cheap price but the other factors are kept in mind by the company. Like Nokia 103 has a new powerful battery which can provide a talk time of 12 hours and 25 days stand-by time, with a stylish scratch proof cover and a dust resistant keypad. Chinese phones companies bring Nokia at a point where they cannot survive without offering a cheap mobile to the market so they launch it.

Nokia 103 Price in Pakistan 2022:

  • A difference in price of Nokia 103 at mobile shops is creating a uncertainty regarding its actual rate. That’s also raise confusion about the original and china copy. So, its responsibility of Nokia company they work on it to save their products.
Nokia 103 Original Phone Price Nokia 103 China Copy Price
About 2300 to 2600 Rupees About 1000 to 1500 Rupees

This Nokia 103 is fundamentally designed for those people who find it difficult to afford a Nokia phone so they go for any other company like China mobiles because mobile phone is now become a need for every one.

  • Some other features that are included in Nokia 103 are powerful front torch-light, a quality Fm radio transmitter, a speaking clock, MP3 grade ringtones and the standard games.

Nokia Launches Nokia 103

In past, Nokia representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan was told that out of 7 billion people of the world, 3.2 billions do not have a mobile phone yet and the perfect and most appropriate reason is the economical factors and Nokia is trying its level best to decrease the entry barriers for that market.

Nokia 103 is that’s why designed for that target market who are more price conscious so a lowest mobile phone was offered by the Nokia to the Pakistani people in really a cheapest option. Interesting fact is that after soo many years, yet users remember it. While, it’s also good in usage.

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