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How to Improve Weak Eyesight in Urdu Treatment Tips for Weak Eyesight Solution

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    Not all of us take care of our eyes. We watch TV all the time, we do not get the proper diet, we sit in front of the computers all the time and then all these factors lead to the weak eye sight. If you want to have perfect eye vision of yours then here we will let you know how to improve weak eyesight. You have to take care of your eyes before it gets too late. Some of the best treatment tips in Urdu for weak eyesight solution have been mentioned here:

    Always Do The Eye Exercises:

    It is these eye exercises that can well make your eye muscles flexible, it can also bring blood flow to your eyes, they can also maintain your optimal vision. You can roll your eyes in this clockwise direction just for a few seconds, and then in the counter-clockwise for just a few seconds. You can also concentrate on a distant object and do this for three to five minutes.

    Bilberry Dose:

    It is also this Bilberry that can promote your eye heath. It can improve night vision, it is also good for all the retinal problems. You have to eat about one-half cup of this ripe bilberry fruits.


    Fennel Dose:

    Fennel has nutrients and it has antioxidants that can help in improving eyesight. Take one cup each of almonds and also fennel and sugar candy in a blender, you have to eat one tablespoon of this powder with warm milk. You have to keep doing this practise on a daily basis and then you will see that your eyesight will be much improved. Now, you know how to improve weak eyesight.

    Dose Of Almonds:

    Almonds can help you in improving vision. They have omega-3 fatty acid; they have vitamin E and also antioxidant content. You have to soak 5 to 10 almonds in water and then peel their skin in the morning, grind them and then have them with a glass of warm milk. By regularly doing this, if you have weak eyesight then it will surely improve sooner.

    So, these are the best treatment tips for weak eyesight solution. If at any time, you feel that you are not been able to see properly then try any one of these ways, your eyesight will get better then day by day. Have the 6/6 eyesight!

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