How to Make Your Wife Happy in Islam

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    Every man tries to be a perfect husband but the fact is no one is born with perfection rather it is men or women. A happy and peaceful marriage requires a nurture and attention from both. In the whole world your wife should be the best and closet person of you it is seen that many man are good at outside the home. Always remember your wife is the one who deserves the best from you. Many times in Quran and ahadith it is given that be King to your wives, speak kind words with her and never use the negative language. Praise for her work and give her appreciation for all the things that she done for you. Unfortunately, many of man don’t follow the Quran and Sunnah and thought that violence is acceptable in case of wives. But they don’t know that Islam just allows a symbolic beating that doesn’t bring serious harm to them. In Islam it is not allowed to threaten her and act violently towards her. Hazarat Muhammad (SAW) said”The best of people are one who is helpful and beneficial to his wife and house members”.

                Try to become the best friend of your wife. Not only the friend you must be a great supporter and encourager of her. Spend time together as much as possible. Share your thoughts and interests with each other have trust on each other and should have a good sense of humor. Admire the likes and dislikes of each other. In Islam it is advised to man spend on your wife and on your family openhandedly.

    Fulfill all her needs and desire before she ask for anything. It is widely believed that all the duties of house are of wife’s responsibility. But our Prophet Hazarat Muhammad (SAW) helped his wives but also appreciate them at every step. So try to help your wife in doing her work and appreciate her for all the things.


    If you make any mistake, ask her to forgive you. Teach her the basic pillars of Islam. Be honest to each other. Honesty and trust is the base of any relationship. Keep your relation fresh by giving surprises. Give her gifts; it is not necessary that gifts can be expensive; you can give her little gifts, flowers. Hazarat Muhammad (SAW) said that giving gifts to each other increases the mutual love.

                It is every man duty to consider your wife opinion on every matter whether it is related to your families or any financial issue. Listen and consider her opinion wisely this will increase the trust on each other and the bond between two get stronger. If you wife make any mistake, don’t scold her try to forget and forgive her. When she is sad or depressed, love her, cheer her and listen to her and give her full attention.

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