Honda CB 150F 2024 Model Price in Pakistan Mileage of this Top Speed Special Edition Bike

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    Without any trouble, you can take a pleasant drive on a motorbike because the Honda CB 150 has launched and look like a big bike. Yes, Honda CB 150F 2024 model price in Pakistan is almost “494,000/ Rupees” and it’s difficult to find a better fuel mileage bike then this one. This is specifically best for those rider whose height is above 5 or 6 feet. You can easily drive this bike in rural areas where roads are not comfortable for bikes. Most important, this is perfect for mountain areas. Meanwhile, Honda 150 is one of the first bikes that start on self while all other bikes start through the kick.

    Honda CB 150F 2024 Model Price in Pakistan:

    Fundamentally, this is a 4 stroke engine bike whose price is now reach to “498,000” Rupees. Moreover, front and back suspensions of this bike is outstanding. The design of front head and meter are too gorgeous and unique. While, sound quality of this bike is not high as compare to others.

    Honda CB 150F 2024 Price (Approx.)
    In Red Color: 494,000/- Rupees and of Blue Color: 498,000/- Rupees

    Honda CB 150F Top Speed in Pakistan:

    • Some rider are more interested in racing now looking the Honda CB 150F top speed because this is most powerful as compare to Honda 125. Further top speed of this motorbike is 140Km per hours.

    Honda CB 150F Mileage per liter Fuel Average

    In these scenario’s, fuel consumption matter a lot. When people buy new bike then must generate query about fuel average. All the people prefer to those bike who provide good petrol mileage. Honda CB 150F is giving the 38 to 40Km per liter.

    Fuel Average  Around, 40 KM per Liter

    Honda CB 150F Special Edition Headlight Visor

    Before this, they have already given the Headlight Visor in Honda Deluxe but people did not like too much. Besides in this model they give some extra look to the meter and front headlight. Moreover, you can separately buy this.

    Or Look at:

    • Outer look wise, they also have resemblance.

    a good honda bike

    Honda CB 150F Problems

    Many of the broker and some fake dealers who are promoting to another bike are spreading different false news against them. Because they want to decrease the popularity of this bike.

    • When this bike was launched first time in Pakistan then people appreciate this model. But with the passage of time people left the bike another brands and were shifted on Honda CB 150F. Then small community was spreading the false news but you can buy without any issue.

    Tire size and quality are totally different fuel tank style are totally change. In addition, handle side lock yet not exist on the side, while you will lock this bike in meter where to switch on. Side mirror provide dashing look to it.

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