Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2022

a good electric motorcycle or bike

Because of high price of the petroleum item, an electric cycle or motorcycle is the need of Pakistan. And in this situation, Jolta electric bike price in Pakistan 2022 has impressed all of us. Because no one except that such low budget option is manufacture in very short time of about a year. And another … Read more

Honda Deluxe 125 Price in Pakistan 2022 Model

latest look bike

In new body shape, Honda Deluxe 125 price in Pakistan 2022 is still like a new one. But plz note that, according to the honda deluxe has closed now. Although the Deluxe series was perfectly matched with the choice of people because now riders will demand a unique product. Moreover, as per specs, its price … Read more

Yamaha Dhoom 70cc 2022 Price in Pakistan

For an attractive motorcycle ride, the launch of Yamaha Dhoom YD70 is a pretty option. Here, we point out the all specs and Yamaha Dhoom 70cc 2022 price in Pakistan. This company been always recognize for their stylish looking bikes that forget the men to blink their eyes. Well not just in Pakistan but even … Read more

China Motorcycle Price in Pakistan 2022


It’s evident that China Motorcycle price in Pakistan 2022 contribute a worthy role in the race of automobiles as they reduce the prices on a broad scale. Now one can easily buy a Chinese bike like 70CC 100CC 125CC on the economical rate. They have the same specs in the minimum range. So one has … Read more