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    In the race of luxury tiles and Sanitary, the master company is working outstanding with making the different designs of tiles plus sanitary in several types. For both of these items, Master tiles price list 2024 or also the Master Sanitary price list in Pakistan is properly allign. Every people want home look like beauty then master takes initiative and trying to complete customer’s demand. The master provides multiple products like bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, and making outclass “Sanitary Fittings” accessories on a large scale with different gorgeous designs. Now, some brands working in the market but most people trust master products because they are working for a long time.

    No doubt, Master tiles along their Sanitary are not supplied just in Pakistan while they are delivering across the world because it is not a name this is a brand in the heart of people. On the other hand, multiple offices are operating in different countries where customers can easily buy her favorite design with selected size.

    Master Tiles Price List 2024:

    Purchasers are trying to find Master Tiles price list 2024 but they change randomly because according to design rate are decide. Some articles are very expensive while some available at a cheap too. So, anyone need prices then can contact easily given numbers.

    For info about Tiles and the accessories of Sanitary from head Office:

    Customer Care 111-300-400
    Phone 055-4290378 to till 83

    Master Bedroom Tiles Price List 2024:

    Of course, Master tiles make specific designs of products for the living room because every design is not suitable for this place. That is used every time while the living room is one place where guests sit with family during the visit and most of the people want a unique design.

    So, the master provides specific design according to customer need because people can buy easily from other platforms but no they select to the master and told that it’s providing a unique product with different colors and design to the buyers.

    • To contact on Whatsapp “0345-6629066” is the number

    These are some colors name and size of master tiles for living room

    Model Name Size
    ODE 15×90
    Ornate 60×60
    Bonjour 60×60
    Paradigm 60×60
    Ringlet 60×60
    Fortune 40×40
    Ivory 30×30

    To Know info of price list Call at Lahore premium dealer Office:

    • 042-37580132 or else try at (0324-4258881); they will probably assist your queries.

    Master Bathroom Tiles Price List 2024:

    Most of the families are very quandary about washroom tiles because this is one of the important places in houses that are using every minute. Sometimes people use those shoes that fulfill with dust then they released some sign on tiles but after cleaning they are not clean and produce looks very dirty. People are finding these types of tiles who can clean easily so, now master introduces specific designs that are easy clean after dirty.

    Most important this design is not slippery because when people use water then slip on tiles due to the spreading of water. This design is specific for the washroom and people are used for this place because sometimes people use these types of tiles in other places.

    Some various design of bathroom tiles is given below the table with sizes.

    Design Name Size
    Punch 22×66
    Attacher 30×60
    Novelty 30×45
    Commence 30×60
    Grains 27×77
    Victoria 27×77
    VIVO 27×77
    • Then, other type is:

    Kitchen Tiles Price:

    Master tiles provide some various designs about the kitchen in two stuff. One is marble tiles and the second is wood. Both designs are very unique and see beauty. But marble tiles are good as compare to wood because during a day one-time kitchen wash is necessary. When females cook food then a few drops of water and some stains then wood spoil easily.

    • SAVOUR

    Other type is:

    Living Room Tiles Price:

    Living room tiles are modern inventions by the master because they are introducing floor tiles and rack tiles. Both tiles in different designs but on the demand for customer’s contrast are possible because some people want floor tile and rack tiles the same so master providing these types of facilitation to the customers.

    Several colors and designs have been shared by this company. After using this design hopefully, you will feel a luxurious room as compare to before. Some design names mention and you can easily avail of this.

    Design Name

    To Know info of price list Call at FAISALABAD Office:

    • 041-8559928 ( Need of every native person)

    Master Outdoor Home Tiles Price:

    Outdoor is a main part of the house but most important which tiles are using for the outside of the house because if your house is beautiful and you doing some work then everyone sees the house. So master introduced outside tiles and after using this house is protecting and tiles will not effect from rain and your bungalow will be different from other houses.


    Many years, master has introduced multiple designs according to customer’s needs, and in the coming weeks, we can assume more designs will be present by them.

    Master Sanitary Price List 2024 Pakistan:

    A wide range of Sanitary has made it difficult to compile the complete Master Sanitary price list 2024 Pakistan at one place. Hundreds of styles of this product are introduced by this brand and defiantly, one will forget the previous after seeing a new style. The name of these designs are:

    Master Bath Set Type Price(Approx.)
    Single Lever 25,000 Rupees
    Quarter Round Type 31,000 Rupees
    Full Round 20,200 Rupees
    Concealed Type Set 50,700 Rupees
    • Accessories Set Price:
    Master Sanitary Bath Accessories Price(Approx.)
    Overall accessories Set 4,300 Rupees
    Sink Mixer 3,050 Rupees
    Muslim Shower 1,700
    Basin Mixer 3,000
    Soap Dish 595
    Towel Ring 600
    Towel Rail 1,400
    Cosmetic Shelve 750
    Paper Holder 610

    the rates of master products

    One will must be socked when he sees these Sanitary designs of Master company, especially the last names of this list are just unique and innovative. Yes, their rates are a bit costly than the local ones but compared to their styles and quality, they well matchable. Meanwhile, for the most accurate Master Tiles price list together with the Master Sanitary price list 2024, the best possible is to call at their numbers. They give you the authentic rates of them.

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