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    Even of the new model, the Unique motorcycle 2024 price in Pakistan shows that they about “120,000 Rupees” against a good quality basic bike UD 70. In this country, a motorbike is one of the most usable automobiles for the purpose of traveling from one place to another. Among the good manufacturers, Unique has its own identity. Every year they will launch their new model bike with better specs and performance. Previously, riders have very few options for the motorcycle. Because two or three brands were assembling their bikes. From the time when this company has started its production, one can get the same traveling opportunity at a lesser price.

    At present, it’s come in the affordability of every second person with more lasting life. Meanwhile, its parts are also present in the local market at cheaper rates.

    The brand is trying to produce a product on the bases of rider need. Especially, they will try to improve the engine performance and quality of spare parts. Secondly, they will also give a different outlook to their bikes too.

    Unique Motorcycle 2024 Price in Pakistan of New Model:

    • Yes, the Unique Motorcycle 2024 model price in Pakistan has now disclosed that is clear from the following text. Their is bit increase in price but its yet lower then many other options.

    From graphic pattern on tanky side mirrors and from and backlight every accessory is just good looking. Most of its manufacturing has done in this country, so in case of a problem, its spare parts are very easy to find.


    Note: The below are EX-FACTORY rates. Hopefully, these will remain the same this year too.

    “UD 70”


    • The major one is Engine that is of 70CC
    • The second one is its Weight: 80 KG

    Unique Motorcycle 70cc Price in Pakistan 2024:

    • About 120,000 Rupees is the Unique Motorcycle 70cc price in Pakistan 2024 that will probably rise up more in the next days. This will become more economical and ideal too.
    Model Year Price (Approx.)
    2024 Simple One: 120,000 Rupees and With the Alloy Rim: 132,000 Rupees

    “UD 100”


    • Because of the 100CC engine, its picking speed is very good.

    Weight: Almost 150 KG

    • But its body shape is a really stylish one.


    Unique 100cc Bike Price in Pakistan 2024:

    • Close to 190,500 Rupees is the current Unique 100cc Bike price in Pakistan 2024 that is very good for such type of stylish look.
    Model Year Price (Approx.)
    2024 191,000 Rupees
    • Unique 125 Price in 2024: 198,000 Rupees (Approximate)

    Another is:

    Those who like some bigger bikes can buy.

    “A new Unique 150cc Motorcycle”

    Finally, they add on a new sports look bike that is currently the most stylish one. This model is further divided into two types, include Simple and Sports.


    • Electric Start
    • Disc Brakes
    • Rear Shocks

    Unique 150cc Price in Pakistan 2024:

    An new entry that will surely inspire you. This is bigger in size and also give modern sporty look. For young boys, this is an ideal choice to buy.

    Model Year Price (Approx.)
    2024 3 Lac and 80 Thousand Rupees (old)

    If one is aiming to buy a new motorcycle then there is no other best company than Unique. This all is due to its best performance. In the above price range, it’s not possible to get the same quality motorcycle. They also modify the traditional look of bikes, these local manufacturers starts a new journey of the comfortable drive with some kind of stylish look. Hopefully, of this model Unique motorcycle 2024 price in Pakistan its sale also increase. So try it one must get a good experience.

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