Changan Alsvin 2024 Price in Pakistan, Launch Date

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    It’s unbelievable that how the Changan Alsvin 2024 price in Pakistan is set with such type of advance specs or feature. From a sparky outer look to the most modern inner, and alloy wheels, every aspect of this car is just out of world. Right now, this is called the most economical car that is having such modern time specification. It’s really difficult to imagine that in this cost, one will enjoy the Automatic transmission along with smart control of car that is integrated with the smartphone. But this is happened and even finalized and even now ready for the sale. Furthermore, company is very confident about its road performance too but this will clear when it start running on the roads.

    Changan Alsvin 2024 Price in Pakistan:

    Well, 33 Lac and 94 thousand is the introductory Changan Alsvin 2024 price in Pakistan that is now normally heard of the some old model cars of this category.  That’s why, cars guru are predicting that if this will bear the local roads then its will the highly sale car of coming time.

    The in detail price according to their variants is:

    Changan Alsvin Variant Name Approx. Price
    1.3 Manual (mt comfort) 3,900,000 Rupees
    1.5 DCT Comfort 4,200,000 Rupees
    1.5 Lumiere 4,500,000 Rupees

    In formal, their is not a date for the 2024 model Changan Alsvin launch date in Pakistan but its major sale will start from the Jan. So, all other related type of stuff like its website is functioning now.

    • Major New Specs that are missing in other Cars:
    1 Noise cancelling design that will minimize the outer voices to come in car
    2 Air Purification System that surely make its interior more fresh
    3 Smart Control( A advance system that control yours car effectively and also a guard too)
    4 Adaptive Cruise Control
    5 Passenger touch display( A entertain feature that enhance the interior)
    6 Brake Recovery System (Must feature for all other car that make its brake very special)

    a new model of Alsvin car

    By name this cars seems to be of a Chinese company and yes it is but Master Motors also collaborate with them to launch here in Pakistan. So, they will definitely assist them about the local usage as well the things that people here face difficulties. Meanwhile, Changan Alsvin 2024 price in Pakistan is also align with their assistance. But again the durability and road performance will prove its success.

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