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    The facilities of technical education for upcoming professionals are best for society. Definitely, Dawood University of Engineering and Technology is a good name of this line and now Duet fee structure 2024 is about in the completion phase for the next group of students. It’s an good record that the free students from these institutes are already trained, so free from the education they have a number of options to do. In the business hub of this country, Dawood University Karachi has a contribution to produce some rising city. Now as previous groups are entered in final years, that why duet declare new admission and other things.

    Duet Fee Structure 2024:

    • To full fill the dream of becoming part of this University, Duet fee structure 2024 is compulsory that one must to submit before the last date comes. This time the student has a number of options to submit their fee too.

    Like these time-specific seats have specified for staff children as well as rural and urban areas applicants will also integrate at the time of selection. While self-finance seats are also nominated for all those who afford this higher fee.

    Dawood University Fee Structure per Semester 2024:

    On the degree or program bases, the per semester fee structure of Dawood University is changing in 2024. So, which course you will decide will conclude the fee that apply on you. The major structure of fee is:

    • Per Credit Hour Charges are: 3,700 Rupees (For, Bs Programs)
    Course Name Per Semester Fee (Approximate)
    BS(Computer Sciences + IS) 51,000/- Rupees
    BS(Art Intelligence) 66,000/- Rupees
    BS(Math + Environmental Sciences + Chemistry) 34,000/- Rupees
    BE 24,000/- Rupees
    MS Programs 29,000/- Rupees Or (Per Credit fee: 5,000)

    After initial selection students are called for the interview that is important to attend before the beginning of the session. Further, a proper eligibility criterion is declared that is enough to understand that one is applying here or not.

    Without any hesitation, Duet is an institute that makes an authenticated name in the engineering field. Their engineers are now busy in serving this country with their skills. Another important thing is that the professional in this institute is more skilled because they start practical work during their studies. This institute is filled with the latest equipment’s that are enough to train a student at the start of their career.

    Dawood University of Engineering and Technology Self Finance Fee Structure 2024:

    • The original source to get info on the Dawood University of Engineering and Technology self finance fee structure 2024 is their helpline number or the website and we also collect most of stats from there.
    Course Name Total Self Finance Fee (Approx.)
    Bs Engineering (Computer + Electronics) 615,000/- Rupees
    Bs Engineering (Industrial + Chemical Or Architect) 414,500 /- Rupees
    Engineering in (Telecom + Petroleum + Energy) 313,400 /- Rupees
    BS (Artificial Intelligence) 410,000 /- Rupees

    For every upcoming session number of applicants is more than the last one. Once again the same kind of trend will expect, so for selection, this time competition might go up. So its general advice that candidates fulfill whole requirements and also work on their test.

    Last Year Admission Schedule:

    present admission there

    Contact Form of UNI to collect the latest info.

    • 021-99230706(Call on it)

    Although the Duet fee structure 2024 will on board that further divide into various categories but it does not mean that everyone gets admit in Dawood University of Engineering and Technology. More those who are here on some special seats must work hard, otherwise, it’s not an easy task to continues studies here. The permit only those who run equal to their educational standards.

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