How to Check Original Paint on Car? Method to Check Repaint Car

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    We know that whenever you buy car, you get quite and rather confused that whether it has the original paint on it or not! If you want to have this answer that how to check original paint on car? We can give you the answer of this question. Check out the details of method to check repaint car, in this way, you will be well able to grab this idea that whether your purchased car has the original paint or not. We will let you know the ways:

    Check For Evidence Of Over Spray

    If you want to know that if your car has its original paint job done then you can look and search for evidence of over spray, if the over spray has been done then the paint will be masked off like that of around the door jam, this paint can also be masked off underneath the hood of your car and around the windshield of your car. If you will too be checking the paint code that has been located right inside your driver’s door is the best and sure way to get to know if the car has been repainted or not. In short we can say that all those areas and parts of your car where this over spray has been done, they will be masked off. Those masked off areas and parts of your car do not have the original paint and those areas of the car that will be having the original paint on the, they will not masked off. Now you know how to check original paint on car?


    Help From Auto Advice- ASE Certified Master Mechanic

    You can also identify your car’s original paint color with the help of auto advice from an ASE-certified master mechanic. You can purchase this device and then you can well come up on this decision that whether this purchased car of yours have the original paint or not. It is this suitable method to check repaint car.

    Original Paint Will Be Devoid Of Grains

    You can too check that whether your car has the original paint or not, you can feel it by hand, original paint will be devoid from granular feeling and the unoriginal paint on car will give you that granular feeling.

    Now, next time whenever you will be purchasing car, you have to keep in mind these tips.

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