Kia Stinger 2024 Price in Pakistan

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    Well, Kia Stinger is one of the best options in sports category car but till now that is not much seen in Pakistan. Hopefully, soon its import will start. Further, Kai Stinger 2024 price in Pakistan is above 7 Million Rupees. Yet, any of the reliable dealers has not made sure its formal launch. Hopefully, they will organize a ceremony to showcase it for buyers. Specs wise this is one of the best option under 7 to 8 Million rupees. Yes, in past two years Kia is in the market with different technological vehicle. And for sure, they will plan to increase the collection.

    Kia Stinger 2024 Price in Pakistan

    You can buy Kia Stinger 2024 in 65 to 75 Lac rupees. Besides when they will import this car then exact price of this car will issue. Because when they will import this car then government take the excise duty.

    Kia Stinger 2024 Price Approx, 69 Lac Rupees

    Kia Stinger Interior:

    Most of time in foreign countries steering inserted in the left but in Pakistan people do not like left hand driving then company make steering right hand side.

    • Gear box adjust in the left side of the driver seat as well as in the middle of the dashboard they have inserted the multimedia player.

     All the functionality is digital because when you drive a car then you can easily check the whole parts if the cars in LED.

    Kia Stinger Exterior:

    If we see the exterior that is completely look like sports car but this is four seaters. Further, this is too near the surface of earth because we feel that panel of this car touch to the earth. Further, manufacturer has adjusted unique style of plate on the top of the back trunk.

    • An Rumored Dashboard Pic:

    inner of the Kia Stinger now

    Kia Stinger Launch Date in Pakistan:

    Thousands of the SPECS exist in this car. During drive you can feel that you are traveling in plane. Meanwhile, the launch date of Kia Stringer will possibly clear in nearing few months.

    Launch Date Not Sure

    Look like this car is fully pretty. The special wheels are also providing some extra look. In addition, they are making the front bumper with different styles because in below the bumper they have adjusted the small lights but it’s depending on customer choice. Because when they book a new car and if they want to take then they insert otherwise they do not insert in below the bumper.

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