Zong off Net Call Packages 2019

The recently updated Zong off net call packages 2019 has comprised of some best type of bundles. Without any doubt, now the competition among cellular networks is touching the sky height. That’s why they all offer the different type of attractive bundles for the purpose of users satisfaction. Usually, different companies gave benefits to their same network numbers. But Zong always proved thems customer friendly by offering on the net and off-net calling package simultaneously. Simply, now, one has not needed to make sure that his dialed number is of ZONG or some other network. Furthermore, if one is going in detail of these packages, then the company has split them in different voice bundle.

 These bundles have further comprised of different off and on-net minutes. So it’s all depending on your usage that which one suit on you.

Zong off Net Call Packages 2019 to All Other Networks:

Following the detail, Zong off net call packages 2019 has cover below three typesµ of bundles. So, according to suitability, one will choose anyone among them.

  • Combo Pack
  • Supreme Offers
  • All In One Bundle

Let’s commence the writing with the detail of

(Combo Pack) Zong Call Packages All Network 2019:

The minutes under the (Combo Pack) for Zong call packages all network 2019 have not restricted to any specific network. This pack will provide 50 minutes on all network in just 200 Rupees. Furthermore, 3,000 MBs net bundle will also provide to the subscriber.

Activation Code: *15#

Valid for: 15 days

(Supreme Offers) Zong other Network Call Packages 2019:

This Supreme Offer under Zong other network call packages 2019 is further split into two types; one is (Simple Supreme) and second is (Supreme Plus). According to rates, the free minutes are also varying. These bundles are for monthly users. Further detail of this bundle is clear in the table

  • Simple Supreme:

Activation Code:


  • Charges: 800
On Net Minutes Bundle Off-Net Minutes Internet Bundle SMS Bundle Valid
4,000 300 4,000 4,000 30 Day
  • Supreme Plus:

Charges wise, this is one of the most expensive bundles. But through this offer, the number of minutes and SMS are also greater than any other type of bundles.

Activation Code:


  • Charges: 1,300
On Net Minutes Off Net Minutes Internet Bundle SMS Bundle Valid
10,000 600 10,000 10,000 30 Day

the best bundle

(All In One Bundle) Zong all Network Call Packages 2019:

These are the best bundles under Zong all network call packages 2019 is for all those who want minutes for the period of 7 days. The charges for this package are also reasonable. Take a look at them

Subscription Code:


  • Charges: 180/-
On Net Minutes Off-Net Minutes Internet Bundle SMS Bundle Valid
1500 75 1500 1500 7 Day

This is a good sign for the telecom industry of this Pakistan that some positive changes have made in the system of all cellular companies. Meanwhile, with increasing of completion, they start providing the affordable rate for their customers. As compared to other, Zong off net call packages 2019 are now best one. So, must subscribe to anyone among them.

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