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    Postal Code of Lahore Cantt DHA Johar Faisal Allama Iqbal Town Ship Shadman Sabzazar defence gulberg Walton. Postal code is a code which given by the post office to find the any address in the different areas. Every country has been making their postal or zip code. Through the postal code there are so easy to find any kind of official or homage address. These types of code consists a series that’s given to every country in the world. Postal code or a zip code has unique properties and allocate differ countries and their cities. There are different from other countries and also it’s cites. Basically postal code was established by the united state postal service for the purpose of the finding location and routing the mail to that location. Similarly Pakistan has a unique code and its larger cities have unique codes. In Pakistan zip code follows in 5 digits for postal service purpose. Now talk about the Lahore city which consists of large area and every area work under the Post Office with respect to mailing or provides other services. To find any address and its exact location is too much difficult task without postal code. Similarly Lahore division divides into different zone and areas and provides different codes to those areas. Those commercials areas including Johar Town, Faisal Town, Allama Iqbal Town, Township, Shadman, Sabzazar, Cantt and DHA.


    LAHORE ALLAMA IQBAL TOWN 54570 Lahore GPO Punjab 54571
    LAHORE CANTT. G.P.O. 54810 Lahore Cantt GPO Punjab 54811
    LAHORE DEFENCE HOUSING SOICETY 54792 Lahore Cantt GPO Punjab 54793
    LAHORE E.M.E Society P.O 53710 Lahore GPO Punjab 53711
    LAHORE G.P.O 54000 Lahore GPO Punjab 54001
    LAHORE ISMAIL NAGAR 54760 Lahore Cantt GPO Punjab 54761
    LAHORE MULTAN ROAD 54500 Lahore GPO Punjab 54501
    LAHORE NEW UNIVERSITY CAMPUS 54590 Lahore GPO Punjab 54591
    LAHORE PMG PUNJAB POST OFFICE 54560 Lahore GPO Punjab 54561
    LAHORE PT & T AUDIT 54550 Lahore GPO Punjab 54551
    LAHORE PUNJAB GOVERNOR HOUSE 54880 Lahore GPO Punjab 54881
    LAHORE SECONDARY BOARD 54650 Lahore GPO Punjab 54651
    LAHORE SHADMAN WOMEN MODEL P.O 54610 Lahore GPO Punjab 54611

    Some areas are missing that are also updated here soon. At start there are not too many areas for postal code in Lahore but now almost every town has own postal code due to which some are missing.

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