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    There are so many accommodation points in Swat valley, especially in Kalam one has too many options to stay and enjoy the time. Among them, check out the rates of best hotels in Swat Kalam. After the operation, once again this valley is considering a safe place for the tourists. Undoubtedly, these Kalam Swat places and its nearby attractions are just like heaven. So if one is planning for a tour then must visit this area. When one is traveling and exploring the beauties and sites of nature, getting a nice accommodation is important too. So must collect the details of these hotels and their rates as well.

    Best Hotels in Swat Valley

    Swat Serena Hotel:

    If you will get their double standard room package option, then breakfast will be included in that package.

    Rates: On a per night basis, you have to pay Rs 13568. Furthermore, this hotel double deluxe room charges are 14668 rupees on a per night basis.

    • Location: Saidu Sharif
    • Number: +92 (946) 711637-41

    Rockcity Resort:

    This rock City Resort is featured with a free WiFi option and you will get fantastic views of the mountain which are present in Mingora. This accommodation serves you with 24-hour front desk service. You will get a shared lounge.

    Location: Mingora Kalam Road, Fizagat


    • Single Room: 9000
    • Double Room: 12000
    • Family Suite: 24000

    Number: 0301-3612000

    Swat Continental Hotel

    This Swat Continental Hotel is a 4-star accommodation and it is packed with private balconies. It offers 24-hour front desk service and its rooms are all equipped with the option of flat-screen TVs along with the service of cable channels. All its rooms have coffee machines and some of the rooms have kitchenette along with a microwave and a toaster.

    Number: 0343-940-7744


    • With Single Bed: 2500
    • With Two Bed: 3000

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    Best Hotels in Kalam Swat:

    • This Number Eleven hotel is situated 50 meters right from the golf course of Gulmarg.
    • This Royal Dandoo Palace has traditional-style rooms in it.
    • Burj Al Swat, this hotel start its charging fees from Rs 15000 on a per night basis.
    • The Walnut Heights Resort
    • Golden Star Hotel
    • Summer Queen Hotel Resort
    • PTDC Kalam Motel
    • Al Fazal Hotel
    • Abasin Family Hotel

    These are good secure places which are located at the nearby zones of Kalam Swat. Make your traveling experience and moments more enjoyable. Further updated list of Kalam Swat hotels will be shared. All these are affordable hotels and accommodation places and you will get VIP treatment from these hotel sides. Hopefully, one will enjoy the tour.

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