Dunlop Tyres Price List in Pakistan 2019

The updated Dunlop Tyres Price List in Pakistan 2019 shows that their rates are rising in the new year. No doubt, this company manufactures all kinds of tyres on the long tread wear basis. Their products will give your vehicle an excellent performance right on the road. Your automobile can be driven for miles and miles and even then they will not tear off! In short, these are the tire on which you can fully trust. If you have a love for driving and if you do possess a massive amount of passion for driving then this brand is the best! Apart from this, if you want to enhance the overall performance of your vehicles suspensions then get tyres from Dunlop only.

As time goes on, they are making constant innovations, that made these goods stand out. That’s the reason they have been given awards many times and they have passed a large number of independent tests. They can be called as champions in the steering precision and grip precision category.

This Dunlop company has more than and over 100 years of experience when it comes to making motorsport vehicle tyres. As per history, this brand was founded by the John Boyd Dunlop. And right now Goodyear Tire is the parent company of this brand. But in India, this has been owned by Dunlop India Limited. Currently, this brand is owned by a number of companies.

Dunlop Tyres Price List in Pakistan 2019:

  • The new Dunlop Tyres Price List in Pakistan 2019 is presenting in below table.

Note: Because of much fluctuations in rates, these are not the today exact rate. But their cost will range in these figures.

Tyre Size Price
145-70-R12 4450
155-70-R12 4950
185-70-R13 5600
185-70-R14 6300
195-65-R15 7000
205-65-R15 7500

These are the approximate prices of non-smuggled tyres. Apart from them, now a lot of smuggled options are also available in the market. So it’s all depending on you that which product you will prefer. But according to our experience, no smuggled are the better ones.

the cost

Some Dunlop tires are packed with alloy rims options. But these rims prices have charged separately. So get this company product for your vehicle. As these are made of the factors and conditions of exceptional quality, you will see long lasting and durable factor in them. Furthermore, the Dunlop Tyres price list in Pakistan 2019 will cover different type.

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