Suzuki Heavy Bikes Price in Pakistan 2024 Hayabusa vs Intruder vs Inazuma

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    A major youth part of this country love bikes, they always need a top speed bike motorcycle that looks like sport one. Although this is also a major source of traveling but this is some special kind that is the dream of youngsters. In this country, every motorbike manufacturer has not designed it, that why their prices are quite high. Comparison of the different model of Suzuki heavy bikes like Hayabusa vs Intruder vs Inazuma must give one multiple types of option in different price during 2024 in Pakistan. It’s sure that they all are best in their specs, its depends on you that which you love more.

    Suzuki Heavy Bikes Price in Pakistan 2024:

    Of three top model, Suzuki Heavy Bikes price in Pakistan 2024 are fundamentally based on their specs. So, depends on yours requirement or liking, one will pick up from them. So, the first one we have.

    Suzuki Hayabusa 2024 Price in Pakistan:

    Around “43 Lac Rupees” is the Suzuki Hayabusa 2024 price in Pakistan that surely like the rate of a car, but the fans of this car knows its importance. Moreover, the specs of this bike are:

    Hayabusa 2024 Price 47 Lac ( Approx.)

    Major Specs Story:

    It has an engine of 1,340 cc which is of Four-stroke cylinder, that has added feature too liquid-cooled. If we talk about its fuel System then it is installed with Suzuki Fuel Injection that made them more fuel efficient.

    • Its starter is electronic in nature. It comes with a wet stump system of lubrication this feature makes him more special.
    • This comes with a top Speed of 186 mph that is best one in town.
    • Hayabusa can give you a final Drive of Chain, with the transmission capacity of Six (6) speed powerful tech.

    It possesses the feature of holding a suspension Rear which is of Link type and also hold a coil spring.

    • It has brakes Front which is of Dual 310 mm discs. And Brakes Rear is of single 260 mm disc. They have a single-piston caliper while its tires are also tubeless that made its excellent grip.

    It has a just amazing fuel Tank Capacity of 5.5 Gallons.



    You can have it in the colors of

    • Candy Daring Red

    And too in the colors of

    • Metallic Mystic Silver
    • and Glass Sparkle Black
    • It comes with a two years warranty that enough to satisfy a customer.

    Suzuki Intruder 2024 Price in Pakistan:

    Close to “26 Lac Rupees” are the suzuki intruder 2024 price in Pakistan. This is a unique in look bike that seems more trendy and fans love to have it in garage.

    Intruder 2024 Price 29 Lac (Approx.)

    Specs story of this Bike:

    • The intruder comes with a maximum power of 123 bhp and torque of 118 ft-lb.
    • While its highest pace is nearly attained 120 mph
    • This also has four strokes. It has two cylinders that have been paired up with some kind of transistorized electronic ignition system.

    The newest kind of digital fuel injection system is its part. While, it’s wheelbase of measuring 1,655 mm which can give you the perfect road base.

    • It has a Tubular steel frame and fuel capacity of 19.5 liters that is the good one in this range of bikes.


     “Inazuma Specs 2024”

    • Oh, it’s also comes with a chrome kind of pipes that have a shiny head. This feature adds more of the elegance of this bike.

    It has dual lenses and also a brake indicator which is brightly colored.

    • If you want to have an enjoyable drive then it comes with a comfortable height of about 780 mm.

    You can too gradually be able to raise the seat right from front to back. This feature hence adds more of the uniqueness of this Inazuma bike.

    Suzuki Inazuma 2024 Price in Pakistan:

    • This is a common used or can say the lowest budget bike of this heavy bike category. One can buy it in only “10 Lac Rupees” that is surely a normal range of such vehicle.
    Inazuma 2024 Price 10 Lac (Approx.)


    In the least range, the last one is the best choice to buy. Or, Suzuki GS 150 is also good to full fill all desire within affordability. While its selling market is also great so when one intends to replace then not a major issue to sell in the market. So, anyone from the Hayabusa vs Intruder vs Inazuma is class and those people who know their charm they pay Suzuki Heavy Bikes price in Pakistan 2024 without any hesitation because they deserve. Their rates are expect to be reduce a bit and may show in days.

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