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    Once again general election day in Pakistan will come close, when people get chance to select their next rulers. Exact date will come after 5 June 2018. This time elections will get more hype, because now people are well aware about importance of their votes. After lot of crisis they are looking for some change. Due to this every citizen wants to know 2018 Pakistan election predictions. That who will win this election and to which party results will go in this year. If one sees the main political parties of Pakistan then these are PMLN, PTI, PPPP and few more names to. But its interested that every party has solid strength in a single province, so one thing is common that this time Prime Minister (PM) will come with collaboration with two or  more parties. One bases of every province, here we explore ground realities about the strength of these parties.

    • First we start from Punjab:

    This is one big and important province of Pakistan. In this province every party try to make their body structures. But the major stake holder parties are PMLN, PTI, PPP and last PMLQ. If one sees PMLN then it is one major party of this province from a period of time. This time PTI will come as their major opponent. But once again it will expect that PMLN will win maximum seats from this province.

    While in election 2002 PMLQ is also in government but this year they passed through a bad time period but still they get seats. Third important party is PPP, this party is popular in villages and in few districts they get seats but they announce candidates from whole over the Punjab. They also had done seat adjustment with PMLQ but overall they are weaker than PMLN.

    PTI is only party that is major threat from PMLN. During this election they are able to done serious damage in Punjab. So now their candidates give tough time to PMLN candidates especially in urban areas.

    Who will Win? Probably PMLN

    • Second the major province is Sindh:

    In this province the major parties are PPP, MQM, PMLF and PMLN. Although PMLQ also have influence but this year they are too much weak. The biggest party of this province is PPP. Their numbers of seats are greater than any other party. They are equally popular in whole over the Sindh. Second stake holder party is MQM that have lot of influence in urban areas especially in Karachi and Hyderabad. After speech of Altaf Hussain this party is in crisis. For sure this will change the political circumstances.

    Third main party of this province is PMLF that leads by peer pagara. They also get seats from interior Sindh. In previous election PMLN is weak in this province but this year they also deals with various small parties and hopefully they win couple of seat. But according to current conditions PPP get greater seats than others.

    Who will Win? Probably PPP

    • Third province of Pakistan is Balochistan:

    Now security circumstance are not good in this province. But election will must held in this part of Pakistan. This region depends on big political names. The party who get support of these names form government in this province. So in this province PPP and PMLN position is strong then others. PMLQ also have couple of seats but it will less than previous election.

    Who will Win? Not Sure

    • Fourth province is Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:

    Politics of this province is also changed various times. In this province Islamic parties have lot of influence. But if they have unity then they are affected and if they split in various short parties just like JI and JUI then their vote will divide. In one election they combined participate and form government. Now it will depend on their alliance, other wise PTI will lead.

    Basically politics of this province is dividing in two parts. One is Hazara belt while other is Pakhtunkhan belt. In Hazara belt PMLN and now PTI is strong party. While in Pakhtunkhwa belt ANP, PTI, JI , JUI and PMLN main parties. But the major competition will held between ANP and Islamic related parties and PTI. A lot of security issues also effect election but still now election had done on time.

    Who will Win? May Be PTI

    upcoming election

    According to circumstances of election 2018 PMLN, PPP and PTI has influence in four provinces. According to our prediction next government will form among these parties. But still it will become earlier final result from whole over the country decide government.

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