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    A short Essay on Global Warming in Pakistan must cover whole aspects of this include causes and effects of this global problem.  One of the greatest challenges faced by today’s world is global warming. It is one of the widely discussed factor around the world. In fact, it is because of the increasing temperature of earth’s neon. There are various long lasting impacts of global warning on the climatic condition and biodiversity across the globe. In broader terms, global warming is considered to be a life threatening factor for all living things on this planet.

    The average temperature of the globe remarkably rose in the century. The findings of a number of researches in the field be environment sciences, have proved that the increasing temperature of earth is largely caused by increasing in atmospheric green house gas concentrations produced by human actively. Since 1900, the world’s temperature has been brines to 5 degree Celsius and will be continue to rise with the passage of time. The year 1990 has been recorded as the hottest year of the previous century.

    The imbalance that has been created between the natural lives and earth is showing the signs of ultimate disasters in the form of landslides, floods, cyclones, droughts etc. if this contradiction keeps on increasing between the earth and its inhabitants, that time is not so far when the enter existence of life will be a risk.


    CO2 an important part of the atmosphere is also causing increase in warmth of earth. It actually causes the evaporation for water from earth and becomes the reason of earth warming. It is also expected that the amount of CO2 will increase in atmospheres due to large scale burning of fossil fuels etc. on the other hand trees, the largest land based mechanism, can play a significant role in the global carbon cycle. They can prove the largest natural way of removing the excess of carbon dioxide in atmosphere. But, unfortunately deforestation is restraining this positive natural process. With the industrialization of the world, the things are getting more mechanical and artificial rather than natural. This can be taken as the root cause behind the globe warning because a lot of dangerous gases that come out of the industries along with the strong chemical wastes are high contributing in increasing the temperature of the earth.

    The other factors causing global warning directly or indirectly include population growth, burning fossil fuels etc. the increasing population of the world is using technologies at large scale which contribute in warming the world. The increasing temperature of the world has been controlled to rescue the life of all living organisms that is at a risk. For the purpose, the best thing is to move back to nature from the artificiality of mechanical life. The forestation and plantation should be done on large scale to start the natural process of paring the atmosphere since again.

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