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    Pakistan is our native country and every person living in this country thinks about pakistan problems and their solutions.There are many problems in this country, solution of  these problems  are also available.But due to negligence these problems increase day by day.If  we can work on the  solutions then these problem minimized after a certain period of time.But the most necessary thing is that how we can find their solution .Now we discussed about some of the major problem of Pakistan and then we also discussed their solutions.First main problem is the increasing population and lack of sources then second main problem is the corruption and  pollution is also a big problem.Now we discussd in little bit detail about these about pakistan problems and their solutions.


    First main problem is the increasing population of the country. Pakistan population growth rate is much greater then their resources.peoples have no planning of their childrens they are not thinking about their carrer just born the child without any thinking and any planning then these childs create a big problem for their parents as well as for country as well as they also ruin there selves.So if peoples have proper planning and they manage sources for their children and they born limited child who can not create any problem for their country then this problem can be solved easily.


    The second main problem is the corruption in Pakistan.This problem can make major damage in this country due to this problem we pay many things.and we are too much going down.If this problem can be minimized then many other related problem solved.So to find soloution from the corruption every person participate something from his side.If every person put something from his side then corruption can be minimized.So now it’s a necessary thing that each person show his responcibility from his side.


    Another main problem in Pakistan is pollution.Due to this problem we ruin our selves.Pollution is of several types .It may be from vehicles it may be from wastage there are many things which cause pollution .So it can also be minimized with a proper planning the most thing which causes for pollution are vehicles if all vehicles maintained properly then pollution can be minimized and the other thing is the wastage if we have proper places for wastage material then pollution can be minimized.

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